Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Day +27

Alyssa had a lot going on today.  Eric’s “re-engineered” T cells were injected into her bloodstream to help avoid several viral infections that can be very serious for BMT patients.  These cells were filtered out of his donated stem cells 5 weeks ago and underwent a process in a lab where they are now trained to look for and fight infections in Alyssa. Sounds like science fiction stuff, I know.  She also had her first post-transplant bone marrow biopsy, and traded out her central line for a port.  She’s really happy to get rid of her central line...this thing was implanted into the middle of her chest, with 2 tubes coming out of it, they probably dangled about 8-10 inches.  It was almost impossible for her to even shower because it can’t get wet.  The port is under her skin and will be much easier to manage. So with all these procedures out of the way, she is now ready for DISCHARGE!!! Tomorrow is the day. It will be 36 days total that she’s been in the hospital.  The last 5 days have gone by fairly quickly.  She’s had a 4 hour pass each day which is really helping to ease the move from hospital to home.  We won’t get discharge instructions until tomorrow so, not really sure what to expect. Assuming she’s going to be closely monitored for the first few weeks and very limited at first as far as being in public places.  

As crazy as it sounds, the 5 weeks went by fast (easy for me to say, right?) I think after the first couple weeks, the days just started running together.  I’m so ready for the weather to start warming up.  Our Airbnb does have some outdoor space, so that will be nice to have.  We are looking at approximately 2 more months in Cincinnati before we can get back to HOME.  Let’s hope that passes just as quickly.
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