Patti Feldkamp|Mar 13, 2019
Prayers going for Alyssa! Keeping her in our thoughts 🙏🙏🙏
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Sharon Vandrick|Mar 12, 2019
Enjoy those 4 hours! You are one tough lady!!!
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Debbie Peterson|Mar 12, 2019
Thanks for the update. You got one tough girl there!!! Hugs to all. Enjoy that 4 hour break!! Hopefully the sun will be shining.
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Jeannine Wise|Mar 12, 2019
Goodness what a fighter you are Alyssa. Keep pushing girl; you're such an inspiration!! 😘
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Paul Schulte|Mar 12, 2019
Oh, and also two miles on the bike? Of course! She is amazing.

Fight-Win Alyssa.
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