Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Day +14

On Friday, her BMT doctor threw down a challenge that she would get her ANC to 500 by Monday.  She was at 30 when he made this prediction.  Monday comes, she’s at 810.  Today her ANC was 1170!!  Her engraftment is really moving along nicely.  They are VERY pleased with what they are seeing.  The only setback she had was getting this Enterovirus last week.  Even though it’s fairly common and there’s nothing to do as far as treatment, it does prevent her from walking in the hallways.  The protocol is she has to wait 28 days to do that after testing positive, and hopefully we’ll be discharged by then. This is for the protection of other patients, not her.  People with normal immune systems would not even know they were exposed, much less show symptoms.  But because every patient on this unit is immunocompromised, they can’t take a chance of possible exposure.  There is a Plan B though...PT and OT can get her out of the room and take her downstairs to a workout room.  She has to have an ANC above 500 for 3 consecutive days.  So it looks like tomorrow might be the day.  

As her cells start start coming in, she’s going to feel kind of crappy.  This is normal.  She is having more flu-like symptoms (no fever) but just general muscle/joint aches and pains and low energy.  Dr. Nelson said she will feel like this a few more days.  There is a good possibility that she may even get a “Get out of Jail Free” card, otherwise known as a 4 hour pass from the hospital.  Lots of things need to happen fever, weaned down on pain meds, and able to eat some solid food.  So, not 100% sure all that will happen, but it’s out there as a goal for the weekend.

They will be doing a blood test tomorrow to see what percentage of her cells are Eric’s.  If everything goes according to plan, as time goes on, each day more and more of her cells will match Eric’s DNA until eventually all her blood/cell DNA will match Eric’s.  For all you CSI fans, yes, if one of them commits a murder and leaves blood traces at the scene, the police will not know which one of them did it (As I’m reading this back, I’m imagining myself as the murder victim, and honestly either one of them could be a strong suspect.  Just a random thought as I enter Day 23 in this 10x12 room 🤔)

Keep the prayers and good vibes coming!
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