Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

DAY +12
....And we have engraftment!  4th consecutive day of positive cell growth.  ANC is at 380! (48 hours ago it was at 30) Her main BMT doctor stopped by late Friday afternoon and predicted she would be at 500 by Monday.  We looked at him like he was crazy, but I guess he knows what he’s doing because 500 by tomorrow seems pretty likely.  The doctors are happy with everything they are seeing.  She did catch a virus (Enterovirus) which is causing some GI issues.  It’s a very common virus, nothing they can do to treat it and it’ll just have to run its course. They only other thing that’s bugging her, is she’s having some type of allergic reaction to something...very itchy skin.  She’s going through tubes of hydrocortisone cream to try to help.  They really don’t want to put her on an oral steroid at this point. They’re going to try another antihistamine to see if that will help.

They have already started reducing the nutrition through the IV, and will continue with that.  She actually asked Eric to get her some fried rice last night.  That’s the first time she’s asked for food in over a week.  Granted, she only had a few bites (taste buds are ALL screwed up) but hey, it’s a start.  Pain from mucositis is most definitely improved and they are continuing to wean her off pain meds as well.

All in all, a really great weekend.  Everything is going just like they hoped and I can only pray that this will continue.  We got moved into our rental and it feels great to spread out a bit.  It’s a very charming older home and perfect size for what we need.  I even cooked dinner for the first time in a month.  Felt wonderful eating something besides takeout and hospital food.
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