Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Day +4 
There’s really not much going on right now...her WBC is down to zero which it will remain at for awhile. She did finally have to say goodbye to her hair on Thursday night. It was literally falling out in clumps after the radiation and chemo.  She was miraculously able to keep her hair after 4 previous rounds of treatment, but this dose of chemo was extremely high, and then add on Dr. Nelson told her, he’s never had a patient keep their hair going through BMT.  So, no shock she lost it and of course she took it all in stride.  

The mucositis has taken its hold on her gut, mouth and throat.  Think of the worst strep throat pain you’ve ever had, and then multiply it by 10.  She’s on a continuous pain pump that she can control, but each day they come in to adjust the dose higher.  It’s becoming impossible for her to eat, so they are going to put her on IV nutrition for now until this clears up, probably when her cells come in.  She spends most of the day sleeping, which is good.  When she is awake, she is coherent and watches an episode or 2 of Grays Anatomy before drifting off again.  This will pretty much be her pattern for next 2 weeks.

Eric and I are adjusting to this schedule as well.  The days are all starting to run together and I guess it’s a blessing the weather has been so crappy.  The boys are on their way up today, so I know Alyssa will be happy to see them. 
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