Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

So, I haven’t posted lately because, thank God, it’s been an uneventful last 2 weeks. No hospitalizations, no new infections, everything finally going exactly how it’s suppose to.  Alyssa has now completed 2 of the 4 weeks of chemo for this round.  She will have 2 more days of chemo(Dec. 3 and 10). The bone marrow biopsy is on the calendar for Dec.13, but that will depend on her numbers.  The biopsy results will determine if she has an additional month of chemo, or if they will start scheduling her bone marrow transplant for after the holidays. We will know more about if there is a confirmed donor once we get biopsy results.

Our Thanksgiving was quiet and relaxing.  It was nice having dinner with just the 5 of us.  We all went down to the lake on Friday and spent the remaining holiday weekend with our lake friends and family.

Alyssa’s morale, energy, appetite, etc have been great.  As soon as she finished chemo yesterday, she took off for Bowling Green.  I know she’s trying to get as much “funtime” in before she’s relegated to hospital/isolation for many weeks and months after her transplant. The transplant process will require 5 weeks in the hospital and then we have to be within close proximity of Cincinnati Children’s for at least 3 months afterwards.  I’m saving the stress of worrying about that part for psyche can only handle so much at a time 😬
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