Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

This week started out pretty normal, unfortunately it did not end that way.  Alyssa’s WBC is getting close to zero, which leaves her unprotected against any kind of infection.  She had her last chemo day on Monday for Part.1 of the consolidation phase.  By that afternoon she started to feel very tired.  By Tuesday afternoon, she still hadn’t gotten out of bed.  A temp of 101 sent her to the hospital on Tuesday night.  After 48 hours of fluctuating temps and waves of nausea, she finally started to feel better on Thursday.  Dr. Maly suspects it was a viral infection that just had to run its course.  She was released from the hospital yesterday (Friday) and is feeling much better.  She is going to have to be extremely careful while her WBC is this low.  Dr. Maly feels like her counts should start rebounding over the next week.  I’m encouraging anyone that has any kind of contact with Alyssa, to please get a flu shot. Every bit of protection helps her. (And you should get one anyway, for your own benefit 😬)

Her bone marrow biopsy that had been re-scheduled for Tuesday might need to get pushed back later in the week.  We won’t know for sure until she gets labs done on Monday.  Those results will determine next steps, but in all likelihood she will move on to Part 2 of the consolidation phase, which is an exact repeat of Part 1.  

The response to her her search for a bone marrow donor has been amazing and inspiring.  So many people, many complete strangers, have reached out to say they have registered.  PLEASE...if you signed up and received your kit, make sure you follow through and mail it back.  It doesn’t do anyone any good if it’s still sitting on your kitchen counter.  To start the process text CURE154 to 61474.  

Keep the prayers and well wishes coming.  She needs them!
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