Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

The WKU athletic department is partnering with and holding a bone marrow donor drive this weekend.  The drive is being publicized at the women’s basketball game (Nov.1) the volleyball games (Nov.2 and 4) and the men’s basketball game (Nov.3).  All events are at WKU, Diddle Arena in Bowling Green, Ky.  See the poster in gallery pictures.

Things are done a little differently now.  Instead of being swabbed at an event, you now register online and a kit is mailed to you within 3-7 days.  You then swab the inside of your cheek and mail back in the postage paid envelope.  The target age group is 18-44.  To be honest, I did have reservations about the follow through on this.  BeTheMatch assures me that the response and follow through are high, especially when the donor drive is tied to an individual.  One thing I do need to cannot specify that you are only registering for a certain person.  If you happen to match, you are given basic information about the person you are helping (age, sex, disease etc). I am praying that people genuinely care enough, that if they matched with anyone, that they would follow through, considering it could save someone’s life.

To start the registration process, Text Cure154 to 61474 on your smartphone. The good part is, if you can’t attend an event, you can still register. 

Alyssa had a pretty easy week this week, with chemo on Monday only.  She is still feeling really good.  And of course, is getting ready to head down to WKU for all the events this weekend.  Chemo again the following Monday only and then off to Cincinnati on Nov.8 for a bone marrow biopsy. 

PLEASE help spread the word on getting people registered.  It only takes one person...
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