Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Well, we found out yesterday that neither Taylor or Ben is a match. Only 30% of all bone marrow transplants come from a sibling donor. Dr. Maly is confident that because of her age and race she will find a match.  She will now go on the national registry to find a donor. Many of you have said you are willing to get tested.  The target age is 18-44. We actually have one donor drive already planned at WKU the weekend of November 3/4.  As the details are confirmed, I will provide more information on the event.  The November 3rd date will be done at the men’s basketball game and the November 4th date will be at the last home volleyball match.  Travis Hudson and the volleyball team have graciously offered to staff the event on November 3rd.  Thank you to Todd Stewart (WKU AD) for immediately getting onboard to do whatever it takes to get this organized.  Alyssa spent the best 4 years of her life as a WKU athlete and it is heartwarming to see them support her at this time.  We will definitely coordinate something here in Louisville.  We want to see how the one at WKU goes first, and then decide how we want to plan the next one.

She has tolerated this new round of chemo pretty well, just some headaches and general fatigue.  Her energy level is getting back to normal.  The steroid withdrawal is still ongoing but her chubby cheeks have definitely improved. The big event this week will be saying goodbye to her hair.  In her quest to keep her hair as long as possible, she had to quit brushing it.  So after every washing it went into a ponytail, then she moved to the messy bun.  Dry shampoo became her new best friend.  The result after about 2 weeks of this, is she now has full on dreads. (Bob Marley watch out) it’s now getting extremely uncomfortable and she’s done fighting with it.  Thursday’s the day and she will have a new wig waiting for her.  Nothing will replace her beautiful long hair, but hey, it’s temporary, and like everything else that has been thrown at her, she’s taking it like a champ and not complaining. This kid is my idol.
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