Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Alyssa started what is called “consolidation” phase of chemo.  She started on Monday by getting four different types of chemo...IT (spinal), IV, an injection in her stomach and an oral chemo pill.  And as usual, she finished the week like the warrior she nausea, feeling good and headed to WKU on Thursday for a long weekend.  I’m honestly in awe of her.  She hasn’t complained once and has really only had a handful of bad days, but even then it was mostly just fatigue.  Her hair is even hanging on...6 weeks and she still has most of it.  She is noticing that it’s thinning out, but it’s really amazing that she still has any of it at this point.  

The big question regarding the sibling donor match is still unknown.  We should hopefully know by early next week. PLEASE pray for this!!

We are kind of settling into a routine with Hope (check out new pics). She has certainly proven to be a welcome distraction for Alyssa.  She’s a pretty sweet girl and she will start obedience training next week.

I also want to personally thank everyone who has reached out to her (us) with texts, emails, cards, food and care packages.  Alyssa has been overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of not only family and friends, but total strangers that have heard her story and just wanted her to know she is in their prayers.  The one thing I have come to know, that throughout this awful shitty thing that has happened, is that people are genuinely good.   And that hasn’t always been an easy thing to say, especially in the past year or two where it seems people are always at each other’s throats.
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