Brittany Meehan|Oct 19, 2018
We love you so much Lyss!! Sending you hugs and lots of prayers!
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Tracy Sagehorn|Oct 16, 2018
Still praying and thinking of Alyssa daily. Keep fighting!
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Andrea Weihe|Oct 15, 2018’re gonna have some ups and downs but stay positive and keep your eye on the target. It sounds like you have some amazing doctors taking care of you. Lots of prayers from the Weihe’s. We love you ❤️ Stay strong pretty girl!
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Becky Phillips|Oct 14, 2018
Continued prayers Alyssa❤️😘🙏
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Sharon Vandrick|Oct 13, 2018
Daily prayers for you- keep up the fight Alyssa. You are strong and I know you can beat this. Love to all the Cavanaughs.

Sharon V
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Christine Palmer|Oct 13, 2018
Prayers continue Alyssa! You will beat this😘
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Alison Harris|Oct 12, 2018
Keep pushing Alyssa ... you can do this!
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Jeannine Wise|Oct 12, 2018
Love you Alyssa and we are all praying hard. Meagan said yesterday "oh if Anyone can handle this Alyssa can"!!! You got this girl and you have a village loving and supporting you. Love you 😘
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Kathy Leah|Oct 12, 2018
I would love to be screened if needed
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Paul Schulte|Oct 12, 2018
The Twitter feed from Pope Francis this week read: " Praying is not like using a magic wand. Prayer requires commitment, constancy and determination. " Listening to all the people comment on this site, on social media and talking with those who know Alyssa, we are a group of committed, constant and determined people. We will all keep up the prayers.
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