Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Alyssa’s week went pretty much according to schedule.  Numbers were pretty good all week, but she did end up getting platelets on Wednesday in preparation for IT chemo and bone marrow biopsy on Friday.  Unfortunately late Friday she started experiencing some type of allergic reaction to one of her meds.  By 5am Saturday morning she was in the ER with excruciating pain in her knees, swollen neck and face.  She was admitted to the hospital and given high dose pain meds, benedryl, and steroids to counteract the reaction.  By Sunday morning she was much improved and was allowed to go home.  Unfortunately, bad timing because she had to miss the “Light the Night” walk Saturday evening. Thank you to everyone who donated, she raised almost $1500 which is great since we really didn’t advertise it much.  Hopefully, next year’s walk will go smoother.

No chemo this week.  She has finished her induction phase and we are waiting to get the results of her biopsy.  She needs lots of prayers...the results will determine the next phase of her treatment, or whether she will need to stay in the induction phase another month.  Our appointment is on Wednesday. She is going to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital on Thursday for a consult/second opinion.  We have been very happy with the care she has received from Dr. Maly and Norton’s, but there’s no downside into getting a second set of eyes on her.  

So, please everyone...send your prayers and positive thoughts that she gets a good report on Wednesday. 
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