Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Blood work on Tuesday showed that Alyssa’s hemoglobin (the cells that carry the oxygen in the blood) were getting low.  Not surprising news since she’s really been more tired than usual lately.  A blood transfusion was scheduled for Thursday, to be done after her IV chemo.  So, Thursday ended up being about a 9 hour day at the office/infusion center.  She got 2 units of blood which should definitely help with her energy level.  Friday is intrathecal chemo day and Dr. Maly ordered a blood patch be done after the procedure as she was having issues with lingering headaches.  She also needed a liter of fluids because she was low on electrolytes.  Long story short, she hopefully got a lot of good stuff pumped into her, to counteract some of the side effects of the chemo.  Four rounds are now in the books.  Alyssa is rewarding herself with a short road trip to WKU to see Jared and attend the alumni volleyball match on Sunday.

Her happiest news is that she found “Hope”...her new pitbull mix puppy.  Hope was rescued on Wednesday from The Animal House shelter.  She is a beautiful 10 month old, 50 pound pile of love.  She is very well behaved for her age and unbelievably, hardly reacted to the 4 cats in the house.  We are still working on her manners and her social skills.  Formal training will begin with a certified trainer next month.  Alyssa is hoping to get her registered as an emotional support dog so that she can take her wherever she goes.  We have all fallen for her and even Eric can be seen giving her some loving pats and attention.
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