Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Our weekly schedule for her induction phase is blood work on Tuesdays, IV chemo Thursdays and blood transfusion or platelets if needed, and intrathecal (spinal) chemo on Fridays.  Our week started out great on Tuesday as Alyssa’s numbers were stable which meant no transfusions or platelets this week! She followed up her doctors appointment with a facial at the Norton’s Cancer Resource Center.  This place is fantastic...she AND her caregiver get 12 free treatments...anything from acupuncture, facials, or massage. Thursday’s chemo and Friday’s lumbar puncture went off without a hitch and by Friday afternoon we were heading south on I65 towards WKU. Alyssa got to be there as Travis Hudson celebrated his 600th career win and the team showed off their new warmup jerseys (check out photo gallery). I know Alyssa means it when she’s says this place is her second home. A little bump in the road on Saturday as she woke up with more blood than usual around her picc line. (Eric and I left her in Bowling Green and we were staying the weekend at the lake, an hour away) Quick text to Dr. Maly and a drive to the ER got everything taken care of. Thank you so much Cindy Hudson for taking her and waiting with her.  It helps to know that she has such a strong support system when Eric and I are not there.  

The dog/puppy search continues.  We had a home visit on Thursday with a Great Dane/Pit mix puppy  🤦🏼‍♀️ Alyssa continues to look for the perfect yin to her yang.
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