Paul Schulte|Sep 20, 2018
Great news! Love the daring spirit. Silver hair sounds just right. Sue doesn't even have to pay for hers!!!
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vicki meehan|Sep 19, 2018
♥️- no matter what color or how much hair she has she’ll always be beautiful (inside and out)
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Helen Stewart|Sep 19, 2018
I am so happy Alyssa and all the family hd good weekend. Thinking of all of you with love.
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Andrea Weihe|Sep 19, 2018
Glad Alyssa had a great weekend. Thank you Leslie for the updates!
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Kathy Leah|Sep 19, 2018
So happy to hear you all had a family blessed fun weekend always thinking of you
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Lauren Meehan|Sep 19, 2018
Prayers being answered.
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julie mcmillan|Sep 19, 2018
She is such a doll! Keeping up the prayers! :)
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