Ken Marshall|Sep 19, 2018
You are a warrior Alyssa Cavanaugh!!! #7!!!
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Sharon Vandrick|Sep 15, 2018
Glad you guys are home. Hope you have a restful weekend. Prayers for continued healing from Texas!
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P H|Sep 15, 2018
So glad she is home!! Now you can get the puppy!!
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Terry Zabel|Sep 15, 2018
So glad to see that your are finally home. You look happy and showing that perfect smile. Thinking about you everyday. Love Terry and Sherry
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Lauren Meehan|Sep 15, 2018
Thank heaven, back home and able to sleep in her own bed. Praying for calm seas and clear sailing throughout her journey.
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Paul Schulte|Sep 15, 2018
Welcome Home. We often underestimate the power of "home." It is where we started from. It is where we got our first direction in life. It is where there are no conditions on love. Home is a powerful place. Can't wait to see it work its magic.
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Amy Wheeler|Sep 15, 2018
I am so glad she is finally home!! She will be able to get some real rest and her kitties will love she is home!! You guys need anything let me know!!! Hugs, kisses, and lots of prayers coming your way!! Lots of love Alyssa!!
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Kathy Leah|Sep 14, 2018
So happy to hear your back home and can sleep in your own bed! Thinking of you
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Nancy Hincks|Sep 14, 2018 (edited)
Glad you are back home and feeling good. Mexican food is a great dinner to celebrate. Prayers are continuing. Get some sunshine gonna be a hot week. I am sure your kitty has missed you! Love, Aunt Nancy
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