Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

FINALLY!! Very long day...and it looked for awhile she might not make it home today.  She was scheduled to get 2 units of platelets at 12am and 2am. Apparently there was some kind of emergency at the hospital and there were no platelets available for Alyssa. More were ordered and finally arrived at 3am for the first unit, second unit was given at 5am. The platelets were necessary for here lumbar puncture scheduled for this morning.  Her number has to be above 50. At 10am we were informed her number, at 52, was not high enough for the radiologist to give puncture, she would need more platelets. This was going to delay the whole discharge as she has to stay flat and in hospital for a minimum of 2 hours following the spinal tap. Dr. Maly to the rescue...he insisted she get puncture first and then given the platelets while she was doing her recovery.  So after a very long night and day, Alyssa officially was discharged around 6:30pm.  She is really under very little restriction right mask, or limitations on where and what she can do.  In fact, we just got back from eating Mexican. She had 9 prescriptions filled at the pharmacy...for pain, nausea, GERD, infection etc.  so that was a bit of a reality check.  She may have to do more platelets on Sunday, but that can be done outpatient. 

The schedule for the rest of the month is blood work on Tuesday, IV chemo and platelets on Thursday and intrathecal chemo in Fridays, all outpatient. She says she feels good and no hair loss yet.  We are feeling incredibly blessed by how well she has responded so far.  Thank you again everyone for your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement. 
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