Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Alyssa’s numbers are holding steady, no blood transfusion this week.  We’ve had some people ask about donating blood for Alyssa...there is something called a “Directed Donation” which we were in the process of getting this setup through the Red Cross when the lady tells me that my insurance may bill the patient for this.... ahhh what?? Turns out Red Cross adds a type of surcharge for directed donations that insurance companies may or may not cover (vs. just a regular anonymous donation) seems odd to me and I couldn’t get any kind of assurance from Humana that they would cover.  So...bottom line, just donate! There is always a need for blood. 

Alyssa had her second round of IV chemo today and celebrated by having a bowl of nachos and a milk shake. Her appetite has been pretty good and isn’t yet experiencing any kind of weird taste issues.  She will get platelets tonight to prepare for her intrathecal (spinal tap, lumbar puncture) chemo tomorrow morning.  The plan is to be home by late tomorrow afternoon.

Thank you everyone who has sent cards, texts, helpful hints, and prayers. We are all very appreciative. 
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