Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

Compared to the fire drill that was going in the first 5 days, the last 2 days have been a nice change of pace.  Alyssa has continued to respond well to the chemo. WBC is around 3700.  Her hemoglobin is hovering around 7.2. (Her normal number before she got sick, was probably around 14, so her blood is carrying about half the oxygen which can cause her to be tired and winded). She will more than likely be getting a blood transfusion and platelets tomorrow as the doctor does not want to get it below 7. This is normal and expected for patients receiving chemo. Her appetite is good and she has thoroughly enjoyed the “restaurant” dinners that friends and family have been bringing every night.  It looks like Friday will be her discharge day, and after 10 days in the hospital, I know she is looking forward to actually sleeping and being in her own bed.  
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