Journal entry by Leslie Cavanaugh

WBC was around 4700 today, so still in the good range. Other blood counts are holding steady which is good.  She had 2 simultaneous IM injections today of a drug called PEG-Asparaginase. It’s been used for pediatric patients for years with good results, so they started using in young adults and were very encouraged. She will get this injection about every 4-6 weeks as it has a more serious side effect profile. So far so good on any chemo side effects like fatigue or nausea.  She(they) have a pretty strict cleaning/ hygiene standard for reducing the risk of infection...mouth rinse 4x a day (for potential mouth sores) and an almost Clorox-type wipes for her skin that she uses once a day.  Big thing is also keeping her picc line sterile. The nurses on 5 east are fantastic. And I kinda think Alyssa may be one of their favorites, which is not surprising. Keep positive vibes coming!
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