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Site created on August 6, 2018

A trip to the Emergency Room in Grand Forks, ND for severe pain on his left side radiating to his back and front revealed a Kidney Stone. A VERY PAINFUL and LODGED Kidney Stone that resulted, in a couple of even more painful days, with a Stint being inserted. However. there was something else discovered on that CT Scan the Dr. ordered that Sunday. Danny had a mass on the Mesentery (An Organ  which holds the Small Intestine up.) There are also Lymph Nodes behind the Mesentery involved and we are not positive about other potential concerns at this point. By Monday afternoon, a short 24 hours later, Danny learned that he had some form of Cancer. It was a very tough week with the pain from the Kidney Stone. and trying to digest the news he had just heard.  But, thankfully, that pain has now been put under control with the stint that will allow for the stone to be removed in the near future.  The next stop is Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Grand Forks was not comfortable doing a biopsy due to the location of the mass being so near or on a major artery. The best option was to go straight to Mayo for consultation and further testing. Needless to say. Dan and Aly and the whole family are in shock.  We are all looking to the Lord, the GREAT HEALER!, to place His Healing Hands on Danny! We have FAITH that He will lead us through this valley and take Danny by the right hand and show him how much HE LOVES HIM and will care for him on this journey! Your love and prayers are so welcome! Thank you so much! We will try to keep you updated on his condition as soon as we know more details. Joan 

Newest Update

Journal entry by Joan Anderson

Danny and Aly got a call this morning from Mayo! Results are in! NO CANCER! He has a VERY "Angry Pancreas" that will need to be watched very closely along with the mass that they felt was better off where it is for the moment but he is going to be ok! He must take REALLY GOOD CARE OF HIMSELF! And, every three months CT's to make sure they catch anything early but PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY! They told me "UNPACK THAT LUGGAGE MOMMA! WE ARE STAYING HOME!!!"
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