Journal entry by Allison Workman

So, probably most of you are expecting a report on my dentist appointment. Well, it never happened. We got to Waxhaw and, 15 minutes before my appointment time, were struck by a fully accelerating car pulling out from a high end housing development. We had just gotten a new to us van on Friday and it had to be towed because it was no longer drivable. We were hit so hard that the van came up on the two left tires and I was sure we were going to end up on our side. Thankfully, it came back in contact with the ground right side up! I could watch it happening and was screaming “no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOO!!!!!” that was going to help anything! ;) I was wearing my seatbelt but my upper body was slung every whichaway. I was instantly in horrendous head and neck pain and thought for sure my neck was broken. I hit my head on my seat and possibly on the window to the left side of me. I was a big mess....I was whaling not only because of the immense pain I was in but also because I was going to miss my dental appointment that I was so looking forward to and the nice sprinter van that we had just gotten was in rough shape. The side was all creamed, the back tire rim was bent, and the tire was busted. When the EMTs arrived, they put me in a cervical collar and took me to the ER to be checked out. I was VERY grateful for pain medication once I got to the hospital!! They did a CT scan and it was negative for any bleeding on the brain or fractures. So its a major case of whiplash and a hard knock to the noggin. It was a blessing that they made an exception to allow my sister to ride in the ambulance as a passenger and allowed her to go into the ER with me! I’ve ridden in an ambulance many a time but lying flat on my back, wearing a neck brace from an injury resulting from a car accident is certainly a first for me. I am home now, but very stiff and still in an enormous amount of pain.

Please pray for speedy recovery and that I’ll be able to get another appointment with my dentist soon! One thing is for sure....some days definitely don’t turn out like you plan! The ER nurse said “I bet this isn’t how you expected your day to turn out.” to which I replied “this is a far cry from the dentist!” LOL

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