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     For those that may not read my sister's caringbridge or know what is happening..... We desperately need your prayers!  Something happened Friday that I never expected.  Remember the terror we were getting from a specific radiologist that didn't like the fact that I had a PICC line for long term and wanted me to get a port which is dangerous for me...  He was giving my local hematologist a hard time so after my specialist's recommendation, I went to UNC Chapel Hill for a second opinion from a radiologist who said they had plenty of places to put a PICC and just to keep using the same vein for as long as we could.  That helped my local hemotologist to be able to have someone "important" backing him up.  I thought that fuss was over, not as far as that radiologist (I knew he was still going to fuss), but I felt like the issue was "out of danger".  I was wrong.  After this last incident with my PICC, that same radiologist called my specialist who wasn't willing to take responsibility due to being SO far away and then called my local telling him that about Dr. A (I suspect bending it a tad) and threatened to call hospital safety on our hematologist.  That radiologist is a bully that wants his way without any consideration for anyone else.  If you talked to him once, I feel sure you would agree with me.  With a port, they implant some kind of foam device in your chest which would be very dangerous for a person who is allergic to those materials.  And I've been told that the port wouldn't be any different than the PICC with risks when having it accessed 24/7!  This radiologist just wants his way and is determined to get it.  So, what all of this has led up to... he has gone too far with our local hematologist, scaring him into a decision.  That decision? - Just to stop our benadryl pumps and get rid of the PICCs right away.  We were able to talk him into another week or two at the very most.  This is where you come in.......PLEASE storm Heaven's doors with prayer that we will be able to find a doctor to pick up and help before our time runs out with our hematologist!!!  We have a referral request into our PCP to an immunologist who I've seen in the past.  She has some mast cell patients now and seems to have changed.  I got my records release filled out for my specialist's notes and faxed back to her office for her to get those.  She was at the most recent mast cell support group meeting this month and agreed to help if she could so I'm hoping that was the Lord preparing her for what we had no clue was coming.  Hopefully it won't be hard for a doctor to help us with me being on the pump for 2 1/2 years and doing great.  Just please pray!

Other than that horrid bomb, Friday was a very productive day.  I had more energy and was able to start my day at 6! :)  I decided I would make it my main "get ready for surgery" day where I do laundry, plan a weeks worth of clothes to make it easier during recovery, pack hospital bags, get the lists for my surgeon/anesthesiology team printed and ready, put everything for surgery in what I call my "surgical bag", etc.!  That took up the majority of my day.  Needless to say, I slept good that night! ;)

I don't remember if I told you or not, but when Ezra was put on the steroid for his sprained leg he was also put on an antibiotic for a recurring (every few months) skin infection on his belly.  The vet said its from a natural bacteria that the immune system normally takes care of, however, Ezra's immune system doesn't for some reason.  He's hoping it will as Ezra gets older.  Its not contagious to humans nor dogs thankfully!  Anyhow, he just finished his antibiotic yesterday.  Upon recommendation from his vet, I've been giving him some plain yogurt as a probiotic because the antibiotic had begun causing some tummy problems.  I'm sure Ezra thinks he is in Heaven...he LOVES yogurt! :)  For the past several days, Ezra has been SO touchy.  There for a little while it seemed he was barking almost constantly.  He would just go crazy over the least bit of noise and seemed he just couldn't get to sleep very well at night, keeping my sister up the majority of the night with his barking (I slept through it, thankfully!!).  He went back to the vet yesterday to get his immunizations that were due and the vet discovered that Ezra now has a double ear infection, worse in his right ear than the left.  So now he is getting something from the vet's home treatment plan that he doesn't like - ear drops.  He loves the yogurt and taking pills because pills come wrapped in yummy turkey.....but ear drops are another story! ;)  He shakes his head like crazy when I put them in.  At least it's only once a day!  Poor thing was quietly howling some in church because his ears are just so sensitive right now.  He had gotten to where, when in his working vest, he wasn't howling very often at all.  I'm just thankful we have a reason for his sudden horrid barking issues because it would be a lot harder to curb if it was just a behavioral problem!  We're still making him stop barking because without consistency we could go backwards in training, but we are a bit more understanding with him, knowing his ears are sensitive.  Please pray that his ears will begin feeling better before my surgery.  He is always somewhat in sensory overload at first when staying in the hospital, but this could really pose a difficult problem and make it a lot harder for him because of all the different sounds in the hospital.  He's also been a bit more clingy so I'm hoping that doesn't make the separation worse when I leave him for the OR.  We saw some improvement in his sleep last night so I'm hoping thats a little sign he is going to improve fairly quickly!  He is supposed to go back to the vet in about 2 weeks, when his drops are finished, just to make sure everything is better.  

I've been encouraged a lot lately by the prayers I've seen answered with a yes.  It's just really nice to have that reminder that He is indeed listening to my desperate pleading!  I know He promises in His Word to hear us if we are right with him, but sometimes my sinful human mind begins doubting and wondering if He really is paying attention.  I can't truthfully say I have no fear or worry with the pump situation, but yet I have a trust and hope, knowing that the Lord is in control whatever may happen.  He will take care of us!

The song that I've attached is such a comfort to me.....God Is There and knows what is happening!  Link:

Please continue to pray about my upcoming surgery, as well.  Anesthesiology appointment is at 12:00 tomorrow and surgery is Wednesday at 4:00.

Resting in His Loving Embrace...
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