Journal entry by Allison Workman

Hello There!

    This post is so overdue!  I kept forgetting until I had so much to update on that my procrastinitus kicked in and I’ve been putting it off.  I do apologize for the delay and I’m going to try to manage to remember everything.


Since my last update I ended up developing several largely swollen lymph nodes in my neck.  I went to a spine specialist who said they could definitely come from the whiplash.  They did an ultrasound but it ended up being scheduled after the lymph nodes had gone back down.  Anyways, the spine specialist referred me for physical therapy to help with the whiplash.


I had my 4-week chiropractic re-evaluation and I have to continue going three times a week for another 4 weeks because even though I’ve had quite a bit of improvement, my neck is still too tight to adjust it at all.


The physical therapist is doing light massage and traction with my neck which seems to really be helping.  She’s also doing exercises to help strengthen the muscles that aid the neck muscles.  However, I’m not sure if I will continue the exercises due to another problem...


Speaking about the other problem...

I went to my second therapy session on Thursday and Friday morning I woke up with extreme pain wrapping around from my G tube around my rib cage to my back.  I was hoping Friday’s chiropractic adjustment would fix it but it didn’t and by last night it became very clear that it’s my G tube that is hurting and started oozing blood.  It could be a coincidence and my G tube stoma (hole for tube) is starting to break down or it could be that some of the exercises injured it.  I’m going on 2 years since having my G tube re-sited (removed the tube and had a whole new site made) and it’s possible that the stoma is starting to ulcerate and break down causing my G tube to need surgically moved.  Only time will tell.  I’m in extreme, nearly debilitating pain from my G tube around my left rib cage and it affected my sleep last night.  I’m giving it until Monday and if it doesn’t improve, I plan to contact my GI about it.  It’s possible that it’s just an injury that’ll heal, it’s just it is the identical feeling of last time when my stoma was going bad.  If I end up needing surgery I’ll most likely have to wait a while.  I’ve been enduring symptoms of anemia and needing a transfusion for months and I may be in an indescribable amount of pain for an undetermined amount of time with this tube all due to covid restrictions.  Trust me, I’m in favor of caution and restrictions to slow the virus spread...I just think there should be room for exceptions for those with diseases like mine who HAVE to have a family member with them.  There are treatments I NEED but have no access to because they won’t budge at all to allow me what I need. my soapbox for now...maybe! ;)  I would greatly appreciate your prayers that someone in charge will budge and make an exception for me!  He’s a God of the impossible, right?  Pray big and leave the rest to Him!


On a happier note, my J tube seems to finally be calming down.  It still hurts some but I’m actually getting breaks from the pain and discomfort!  I’m very glad especially since my G tube has decided to act up!


I was supposed to get a couple more of my teeth temporarily fix last Tuesday, but unfortunately my dentist ended up not being in the office so they rescheduled me for the 28th at 7:00am which means we’ll have to leave the house at 5:30am!  That’s gonna be a long day!


Soooo....I don’t like getting involved with controversial subjects but I just have to get this off of my chest.... masks.  Please, people, stop constantly complaining about having to wear a mask!  I’m sorry...I KNOW they are NOT comfy - I totally understand!  You can live and wear a mask!  Due to MCAS and everyone’s love for fragrances/chemicals/etc I have worn a mask anytime I am out for the past 8-10 years at least and I’m still alive despite chronic illness!  If masks are the worst thing that happens to you in life, that is something to be thankful for!  So, hang in’ll make it! ;) (Please, no argumentative comments because stress can make me very physically ill.)


Taking Life as it Comes....  Allison

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Journal entry by Allison Workman



     It has been a very busy week, but since I just finished with the last appointment, I decided I’d go ahead and let y’all know how everything went.


Monday was an off day, so I got to just rest.  Tuesday started off with the dentist and then the chiropractor.  Wednesday, I had an ultrasound of my thyroid and then the chiropractor again.  Thursday was pretty chill.  We had our weekly home health nurse’s visit in the morning and then I got to rest the remainder of the day.  Today we ran some errands and went to the chiropractor.  And oh, how I look forward to having a break for the weekend!!  


So, we shall start with the dentist appointment... it was very encouraging!  He was VERY shocked at just how bad my teeth had gotten in the four months since I saw him last.  He is very concerned!  Even though I was only scheduled in an exam slot, he took the time to build up my two front teeth and put artificial enamel on them to hopefully buy us some time, keep them from spiraling farther downhill, and help lessen pain until they can get me in somewhere to get more permanent treatment since I have to be under anesthesia for extensive dental work due to being allergic to all numbing agents.  I’m supposed to go back July 7th to get the next two done.  He is afraid if something isn’t done now that they will progress where there will be no hope for keeping any of the teeth, but the exciting thing is there is a good chance that we will be able to save at least my front 4 teeth.  It’s inevitable that some have to be removed but at least the front ones are looking promising!  My dentist is having me gently wash my teeth with a washcloth instead of brushing them because the enamel that is left is so fragile that it is literally getting brushed off with the toothbrush.  I’m just so happy and thankful that there may be hope for some of my teeth after all!  The pain and sensitivity in the two teeth that he temporarily fixed has greatly diminished which is a VERY welcomed relief!  It’s amazing how much it helps just eliminating a couple sources of pain plus I think it helped me some emotionally to have a little hope of not losing all of my front teeth at 26 years old!  And I even survived the trip without any major heart attacks! ;)  I really was much calmer traveling than I thought I would be.  I’m ever so slowly conquering my road fear with the Lord’s help.  Still struggling, but we just have to take it one moment at a time!


I haven’t received any results about my thyroid ultrasound, but I don’t expect to until I have the blood work done and see my endocrinologist...which may be a while with all of the covid regulations at the doctors offices.  I can’t go in alone and right now that’s how it would be so I’m just waiting it out until they lift some restrictions.


I’m finally seeing more noticeable changes in my neck.  It still has a LONG way to go and the chiropractor is still unable to adjust it because of the muscles being locked, but he has been able to add in some more stretches (in addition to the ice and stem treatment) and my range of motion is expanding some.  I would say I probably have the ability of turning my head almost halfway in each direction which is a big difference from where I was right after the wreck which was hardly any movement whatsoever!  It takes effort and pain to move it and I’m often still not moving it much at all just due to the pain, but I’m trying to make sure I’m mindful of that and intentionally keep it moving as far as it will because that’s the only way we’re going to continue making progress.  The rest of my back is touch and go, but making pretty good strides in the right direction!  So that’s been a bit encouraging as well!


Please keep praying about my J tube.  It continues to really bother me a lot and is beginning to get a little concerning.  We know it is in place and the balloon is where it should be, but it continues to really hurt.  Irritation in the nerves and tissue of the stoma (hole for tube) can take quite a while to calm down for a J tube, but if it lasts too much longer I may see about getting a CT done just to make sure there is no structural damage to the stoma.


Well, I think that is it for this week!  I am ready to crash and sleep all weekend! :)


Taking Life One Busy Day at a Time...


Journal entry by Allison Workman

Hi there!

      I apologize for not updating sooner.  It has been a fairly busy week and any time I’m not out for an appointment, I’m zonked out on the couch due to the continued exhaustion and such, plus trying to recover from the car accident.

So, my dental appointment didn’t happen.....again!  We got halfway there and got a phone call to inform me that they had accidentally scheduled me with the wrong dentist.  At least this time was a phone call and not a car accident! :)  My appointment is now scheduled for Tuesday (the 16th) with my dentist so hopefully it can actually happen and we can get something done with these teeth!

The J tube check went well.  It is in the correct spot and the retention balloon is where it is supposed to be.  It’s still hurting quite a bit, but at least there is no bad injury to the stoma.  Most likely it is just really irritated from the seat belt cutting across it in the wreck.

Recovery is going very slowly.  The longer it draws out, the harder it is to stay strong.  I’m so grateful for the Lord’s strength because my tank is running on empty and I could never do it without Him!  I am in quite the pain on top of all the other symptoms I had been experiencing previously.  My neck is the worst of it all right now.  It is still very “stuck” and just SO painful.  I actually ended up having some bruising show up at the base of my neck from the severity of the whiplash.  I am making progress...just VERY slowly.  It doesn’t help that I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (connective tissues disorder) which causes injuries to be more severe and take longer to heal.  The nerves injured in my neck combined with hitting my head has magnified my existing headache (from what is thought to be caused by my anemia).  I know it could always be worse and I’m very grateful that it isn’t...but honestly, sometimes it’s hard to focus on that.  Trust me, I’m trying, though! :)  God is always good and does what is best no matter how things may look to our human eyes.  

One thing that has come out of this wreck that may be a blessing is that when I was transported to the hospital from the wreck and they did a CT to check my head and neck, it was discovered that I have a nodule on my thyroid.  It could be nothing or it could be “everything”.  My dad has one and it’s completely benign, but if it is causing problems it can cause the symptoms (headache, exhaustion, etc.) that I have had for months!  I have doubts that the symptoms are all caused by my anemia just because when my numbers bounce around and go up a little, my symptoms don’t improve.  Granted the numbers are always very low so it is a possibility that anemia could be the culprit, but I’m very interested to see if this thyroid thing could be the cause.  My endocrinologist is ordering some blood tests and an ultrasound to investigate farther to see whether or not the thyroid function is being altered by the nodule.

This next week is looking rather full!  We have the chiropractor three times and I have my dentist appointment plus Daddy and a sister have appointments as well.  So yeah, busy week for both me and my family.  I would appreciate prayers for safe travels and good appointments!  It may sound ridiculous to some, but would you pray for some extra peace for my heart when traveling to the dentist?  I have greatly struggled with fear while traveling anywhere that has any roads merging (to the point that most of the time I close my eyes and hold my breath to avoid screaming and causing another crash) because of the accident and to put it bluntly, I’m quite uneasy even thinking about traveling that same road where it happened.  I know it may sound crazy, but the fear is very real!

I write this so much, but I always mean it....thank you for praying and supporting me through some of my hardest times!  I have received comments, texts, a sweet card from a lady in my church, and even you clicking on that little heart at the end of the post means so much to me!  Y’all have been amazing!  Thank you!

Taking Life One Long Day at a Time....


Journal entry by Allison Workman


     So, I just wanted to jump on here and ask for your prayers tomorrow (Monday).  I’ve got a loooooong day ahead of me!  It starts with the dentist at 9:00am.  Looking forward to hopefully getting things started in the right direction to get these teeth taken care of!!  Then it’s to the chiropractor at 12:00pm and finish off the appointments with getting my J tube checked out at 2:00pm.  My J tube has been hurting quite a bit and having episodic swelling around it since the wreck and so they’re going to check it out and make sure everything is ok.  Please pray that it’s just irritation from the trauma of the seatbelt and not that it’s injured!  Injury to the J tube stoma is much harder to heal than irritation.


I appreciate your prayers for safe travels and successful appointments!


Journal entry by Allison Workman

I got in with my chiropractor yesterday evening for an evaluation of my injuries from the car accident. He was very concerned about my neck especially and wanted to make sure when I went to the ER that they had done testing to check it out. He said my neck is very swollen and has muscle guarded which means the body is not allowing it to move....not only can I not hardly move it at all, but he can’t passively move it either. He said it’s doing what the body commonly does when you’ve broken your neck. But the CT was negative in the ER and his X-rays confirmed there is no fracture but boy, is my neck MAD! The X-rays of my neck and mid back both showed pretty severe injury consistent with whiplash and being flung around. I’m very grateful that I was wearing my seatbelt or it could’ve been much worse especially with what force we were hit. I admit I’m not a faithful seatbelt wearer, but I do believe I’m going to become one!! It’s crazy how a wreck can traumatize you... when we were traveling yesterday it was all I could do not to scream every time we encountered an on ramp or any kind of traffic where two roads come together in the same motion that we were struck. It just scares me now — I guess my brain just automatically brings back what happened in the wreck. It is easy to see all of the negatives and be upset that all of this happened because someone wasn’t paying attention and ran a stop sign, but I’ve been reminded of the Lord’s protection and grace recently. With the speed and force she hit us with, if we had been in the smaller car we had been using instead of our huge new van the outcome could be much different! The car would’ve been totaled, the impact most likely would’ve knocked us into the next lane with oncoming traffic which would mean we would be hit again, and injuries could be a LOT worse! If I’m not careful I just feel the horrid pain I’m in, see the things I can’t accomplish right now, and focus on how it could’ve been prevented.....but, I want to take some time and see how our gracious Lord protected us and he gives strength to get through each moment of the day. I don’t know why all of this happened, but I do know I have an all-powerful God Who holds me in His hands and only allows what is good for me even when it doesn’t seem like it.

I was asked in a comment on my last post if Ezra was with me and was he ok. Yes, he was with me, but he is fine! He was buckled in and uninjured. He was shook up a little because of all the commotion (and I was hurt so that didn’t help matters), but calmed down pretty quickly. I am so very thankful that he wasn’t harmed!

Another blessing... I have another appointment with my dentist on Monday at 9:00am! Grateful they could get me in soon since I couldn’t quite get to my last appointment seeing as how I was in the ER! ;)

“The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.” {Nehum 1:7}

Journal entry by Allison Workman

So, probably most of you are expecting a report on my dentist appointment. Well, it never happened. We got to Waxhaw and, 15 minutes before my appointment time, were struck by a fully accelerating car pulling out from a high end housing development. We had just gotten a new to us van on Friday and it had to be towed because it was no longer drivable. We were hit so hard that the van came up on the two left tires and I was sure we were going to end up on our side. Thankfully, it came back in contact with the ground right side up! I could watch it happening and was screaming “no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOO!!!!!” that was going to help anything! ;) I was wearing my seatbelt but my upper body was slung every whichaway. I was instantly in horrendous head and neck pain and thought for sure my neck was broken. I hit my head on my seat and possibly on the window to the left side of me. I was a big mess....I was whaling not only because of the immense pain I was in but also because I was going to miss my dental appointment that I was so looking forward to and the nice sprinter van that we had just gotten was in rough shape. The side was all creamed, the back tire rim was bent, and the tire was busted. When the EMTs arrived, they put me in a cervical collar and took me to the ER to be checked out. I was VERY grateful for pain medication once I got to the hospital!! They did a CT scan and it was negative for any bleeding on the brain or fractures. So its a major case of whiplash and a hard knock to the noggin. It was a blessing that they made an exception to allow my sister to ride in the ambulance as a passenger and allowed her to go into the ER with me! I’ve ridden in an ambulance many a time but lying flat on my back, wearing a neck brace from an injury resulting from a car accident is certainly a first for me. I am home now, but very stiff and still in an enormous amount of pain.

Please pray for speedy recovery and that I’ll be able to get another appointment with my dentist soon! One thing is for sure....some days definitely don’t turn out like you plan! The ER nurse said “I bet this isn’t how you expected your day to turn out.” to which I replied “this is a far cry from the dentist!” LOL

Taking Life One Unexpected Change at a Time....

Journal entry by Allison Workman

Hi friends!

      Just a quick note to let you know I have an appointment with my dentist tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 11:00.  Please pray this will be a profitable appointment and we can make some good plans to get this taken care of in the near future!  I don’t know how much longer I can stand it.

Thank you in advance for your prayer!!

Journal entry by Allison Workman

Hi friends!


     Sooooo, it’s been a while since I’ve updated.  Things have not improved, unfortunately.  My anemia has worsened along with my symptoms.  At times it is an exhaustion beyond explanation.  The headaches, ringing in my ears, lightheadedness, heart pounding, shortness of breath, bone pain, sunlight sensitivity, etc can get overwhelming, but the Lord continues to give me strength for every minute of each day.  My hemoglobin dropped to the level of being one tenth of a point away from their automatic transfusion point.  It came up a teensy bit with last week’s labs, but we won’t know if it stayed there until I have labs done again (tomorrow).  I’m totally at the point that I’m ready for a transfusion.  However, with covid-19 the infusion center is banning visitors so I would have to go in all by myself which NEVER happens with me.  I never go without a family member as my advocate!  If you knew only half of what I have gone through with nurses and doctors not understanding my mast cell disease and not caring for me properly....well, let’s just say you’d know why I refuse to go alone.  So, as it stands - I deal with the anemia and all it’s symptoms until restrictions relax a bit.  I would greatly appreciate your prayers that they would open up to allow at least one visitor in so I can go ahead with a transfusion.  I’ve been dealing with the tougher symptoms and been lying on the couch the majority of the day every day since the beginning of March and it’s getting very old.


On top of everything else, my teeth continue to worsen.  They are causing a great deal of pain as well.  It’s horrible because they look like I’ve been terrible with my dental hygiene but in all actuality my guess is it’s either my mast cells destroying the enamel or some type of malnutrition.  Just my guess.  No one really knows for sure what the culprit may be.  I’ve been trying to get in touch with my dentist about forming some type of plan, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful at hearing anything back.  Please pray that he will get back in touch with me and will have a good plan that we can follow to get this issue fixed!


My brother, SIL, and two youngest nieces came down to surprise my mom for her birthday so we got to spend the day with them.  Those adorable little ones are growing so fast!


Thank you so very much for your continued prayers and encouragement!



Journal entry by Allison Workman

Hi Friends!

     I had a phone appointment with my local hematologist/mast cell doctor yesterday afternoon so I figured I would pop on here and write an update before I forget...

I told him about the daily headaches (pretty much one continual headache now) and all the symptoms going along with them and he thinks it very well could be that I'm starting to really feel symptoms of my anemia and iron deficiency seeing as how it has worsened a bit lately and he said that can cause the headache, ringing in the ears, exhaustion (I'm sleeping all night and the majority of the day now), etc.  However, this issue is very complicated to treat for me because taking iron orally will come right out my stomach drain and putting it in my jejunal feeding tube (J tube) wouldn't really do any good because the majority of your iron is absorbed higher up in the intestines.  That leaves IV iron or a blood transfusion for possible treatments.  The IV iron is more common to cause allergic reactions even in patients that don't have allergy issues so that significantly drops the likelihood of that being an option.  Which leaves a blood transfusion as the safest choice of treatment.  As much as I absolutely hate the thought of getting someone else's blood (germophobe over here ;) ...and yes, I know it has been "cleaned"...but still!) I'm afraid it has become the inevitable.  We are staying hunkered down with this coronavirus stuff going around because us mast cell patients are very high risk and in order to get a transfusion I would have to go to the infusion center because of the risks of rejection and reactions.  SO, I am choosing the route of trying to possibly treat the headaches (compounded tylenol through my J tube - if the pharmacy can do that for me) and wait until things die down a bit and we're released from complete isolation.  I may end up giving in early depending on if this worsens anymore.  My doctor has left it up to me and if I get to where I can't push through anymore then I just have to let him know and he'll get things figured out.  Right now I'm not at an urgent spot with the anemia, however, if it drops a little less than another full point, I will be at the point they normally automatically do transfusions.  And just to inform you...I have had full testing done to make sure there is no internal bleeding and such and it is very clear that this anemia is strictly due to my iron deficiency which is caused by malnutrition/malabsorption.

Now, on to happier news...

   I'm back on 24hr tube feedings and doing well on them.  My potassium has been holding very well lately so my doctor is letting me reduce my daily potassium infused saline infusions to 3 times a week.  If my potassium continues to hold stable I might get to go off of them entirely in around 3 months!  And I am super happy about that!  When you're already hooked up to 3 lines at any given time, you're really happy to get rid of the 4th one that you're hooked up to for 4hrs a day! ;)  Just pray Jane (my J tube) will continue to cooperate, full feeds will keep going well, and my potassium will stay stable!

Thank you so much for continuing to follow my journey and pray for me!  I hope everyone is staying healthy!

Taking Life One Nap at a Time....

Journal entry by Allison Workman

Jeremiah 33:3
“Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

Hi friends!
I know it has been a while since my last update and I apologize for that.  It hasn’t been the easiest of roads recently so, unfortunately, updating didn’t make it very high on the remembered list.
First off, I want to thank you for your prayers concerning the tilt table test.  It ended up not happening.  I stopped all medicine (including my continuous Benadryl pump), didn’t do my feedings, and felt absolutely terrible for nothing... or so it seemed to me at the time.  I was nearly furious to find out that I had done what they asked which made me quite ill, waited around 18mo, stayed the night in a hotel, and arrived at the hospital early only to have a clinic visit with a PA nonetheless... not even my doctor!  Turns out apparently the guy that answered the phone didn’t even check into it when my sister had contacted them a few days earlier to finalize things and clarify what exactly they had me scheduled for.  He just told her the normal protocol for someone coming in for a tilt table test.  I was less than thrilled to put it mildly. However, once I got over the shock, got my medicine started back, and had the appointment, I was actually pleased.  She was quite nice and was willing to go off of my symptoms and issues and treat the problem without making me go through the miserable test again!  She thinks my issues aren’t actually stemming from my heart rate but actually the heart rate responding to my blood pressure dropping.  She prescribed a blood pressure medicine for me to try, recommended some extra heavy duty lower leg and abdominal compression, I’m supposed to keep a daily log of my blood pressure, and I have a 6 month follow up appointment.  Even though I wasn’t at first, I’m really grateful for how things worked out.
For nearly 2 months now I’ve been struggling with constant headaches.  They affect me some neurologically, but we don’t know what is causing them.  I’m not light sensitive except for bright sunlight, I’m fine with noise as long as it’s not a loud roar such as the vitamix, and I have a frequent loud swooshing noise in my ears.  It affects my hands in the way that they will suddenly give out resulting in me dropping/throwing/spilling things, I occasionally lose the peripheral vision in my left eye, and struggle with memory off and on.  The pain is greatly increased when I bend over.  I don’t normally get headaches that often so to have them daily and life altering is both new and frustrating to me.  I have spent most of my days since the last update in pjs and horizontal on the couch.  But all of the social restrictions are delaying me from finding answers about this issue.  Hoping and praying it is something simple instead of another complex thing to deal with.  I told the electrophysiologist's PA about them when I went to Duke and she mentioned the possibility that it could be my Chiari malformation starting to show symptoms or headaches stemming from my blood pressure issues.  Or they could be migraines....who knows?!
I hope everyone has been safe and stayed away from all the germs from this coronavirus!  I know it has been difficult for those having to isolate, quarantine, or social distance.  But would you do me a favor?  Every time you start to get down or antsy from cabin fever...think of the many mast cell patients and pray for us!  This is life for the majority of us.  We live in a constant state of isolation from the world around us.  Just in the way everyone is having to lock themselves up away from the coronavirus, we have to do the same every day of our lives but ours is from perfume, fragrance, essential oils, cleaners, and much more...things the world uses every day.  I’m not asking for pity.  Pity does no good...but prayer does!  We need your prayers for strength each and every day of our lives and that maybe someday there will be a cure discovered!  Don’t take this the wrong way, but one positive that I’ve found in this huge outbreak is the world getting a little glimpse of understanding of a mast cell warrior’s life.  No, I would never wish it on anyone, but please take this opportunity to take a peek into our lives!  Let it help you to pray for us!  When you go to the store and have to change your normal because they’re out of something you normally get, spare a little thought and prayer for the mast cell patients who may be struggling and having to search to find food because they can only have a specific brand of a specific product and that can’t be changed due to life threatening complications.  I pray for all of you who have been affected by this tragedy!  I know life is hard right now for most, but perhaps the more encouraging thing is that the Lord knows!  We may not know why this is happening, but we certainly can trust the One Who does and know He is working it all out for our good and His glory!
Below is a song that has really meant a lot to me especially recently.  I couldn’t find it on YouTube so you can click on the link below and scroll all the way down until you see a play button and a time bar.  You’ll be able to listen to it there:
I Peter 5:7
“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”
I’m forever grateful for you and your prayers!
Taking Life One Cooped Up Day at a Time....

Journal entry by Allison Workman

   I am supposed to have an EMG sometime soon to see how my nerves are communicating with my muscles.  I'm not sure, at this point, when it will be.  I'm hoping soon to get KAFO (knee, ankle, foot orthotics) braces for my legs so I can walk!  Please pray that this process will get done soon!

Taking life one step at a time,

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