Thoughts & Well Wishes

Leonard & Mary Stevens, Kechi, Kansas | Jul 31, 2018
Dearest Allison...What a wonder you are...!
”shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil”? (Job 2:10)
Conversely...shall we receive evil...and not also receive good...?
Isaiah 52:5 “...And with His welts comes healing for us”.
How long Father...?
With Job, with David, with you, I ask and pray...How long Father?
Allison, if it is your pleasure...I would like to send you a Concordant Version~
Translation...and a letter from the Jews...addressing how Israel is being
set apart from the Nations...for 3000 years we have waited to see this event
unfold! ...and a new favorite picture for you...
””. Choose “Mar 24, 2018” 
my address is “” if you are able!
Health and Energy are so necessary in this body of clay we must wear for awhile.
May Yahweh remember the welts Of Messiah...and You!
Leonard of “Leonard and Mary”