Allison’s Story

Site created on October 14, 2020

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Allison’s Story

In September 2018, a tumor was found on her stomach and surgically removed with 60% of her stomach. After this was found, Allison received quarterly follow up scans that showed no cancer.

In June 2020, Allison’s bloodwork scan showed abnormalities with her red blood cells. In August, she had an Endoscopy with biopsies which confirmed that it was Stage 2B Stomach Cancer. Allison immediately began oral chemo and daily radiation. After 35 radiation treatments, 8 weeks of oral chemo, and 7 blood transfusions, PET scans showed that the cancer spread to 6 lymph nodes and the liver. Her diagnosis was revised to Stage 3 Stomach Cancer.

On November 5, 2020, Allison’s treatment regimen will be changing to a more aggressive chemo, which will consist of 12 chemo treatments over a 16 week period. Don’t worry Allison has already picked out some super sexy wigs, hats, and beanies.

For anyone who knows Allison, you know she is an extremely strong and independent woman, who is dedicated to her children, friends, and the people she serves in her work. 

This will be one trial of life where she won’t be able to go through it alone. It is my hope that this Caring Bridge will be a place of support and love for Allison as she goes through this challenging time. It will be a place where she will be able to interact and communicate, especially since Covid may prevent her from being able to visit freely with friends in the community. Allison is extremely humbled by the love and support that is pouring in from so many of you.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Jennifer Pascual

Allison started losing some hair after her first treatment. By the second treatment, her scalp was hurting badly enough that she was ready to shave her head. It was a very emotional experience and left the full reality of the situation staring at her in the mirror.  Luckily, she is a complete doll face without hair.  If she wants to accessorize, she has a choice of amazing wigs and hats! 
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