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Site created on June 21, 2020

Alaura, Tyler and 2 dear friends were hit head on last night.  Tyler passed away at the scene  along with 2 of his friends.  Alaura is in critical condition at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.  She has multiple injuries and needs everyones prayers.  We are waiting for results of a brain scan this morning.  Based on this scan Alaura will either need brain surgery or they will begin other surgeries.  We are unable to be with Alaura due to hospital regulations.  Please pray for all of us   as well as the families of all involved.  We all know Alaura loves hugs so send those as well.  

Newest Update

Journal entry by Gena Fried

Alaura has been very busy the past two days with her OT, PT and Speech Therapy and guess what?? She still doesn't like math :) She has been working extremely hard to get to the Acute Rehab Facility vs a Nursing Home... and today we are excited to share Alaura is at the Knapp Rehab Center here at HCMC (which was what we were praying for). She can not only get excellent rehabilitation but also continue to get the medical attention she needs as her doctors are all here :)

Her days will now be filled with Recreational Therapy, OT, PT, Speech and much more. She has a great attitude and is ready to get to work. Speech therapy went very well and there has been so much improvement in only 1 week. She was able to sit in her wheelchair for 30 minutes compared to last week at only 5 minutes and she is able to take care of the personal needs that her body will allow her to do - brush her hair, teeth, change her shirt, work her phone, ipad and we are playing games... just beautiful to see and enjoy.

Her personality is definitely coming back...her wit and humor are starting to peek through :) Hang on Knapp Team!

Thank you all for your continued love, support and prayers!

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