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Still in ICU

Aimee underwent surgery on her cervical spine, they removed a tumor that was wrapped around her spinal cord. Surgery was successful. Aimee was moved to ICU.

Aimee was on the ventilator. She was up the whole night on it. She was successfully removed from it and later moved to a regular room.

Within 24 hours Aimee started having breathing problems and was moved back to ICU. She was having worse pain in her back and ribs. X-rays were completed and confirmed she has new lesions on her ribs which caused a broken rib.

10/23 She has surgery to put in a nerve block to see if that would be successful. It seems to have helped with some of her pain.

She is currently in ICU being treated for pnemonia.

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  • Vicki Swe : Sending my family’s Love 💕 and prayers 🙏. I am soo sorry you are going through this. Please tell Aimee this. Faith and I would love to come visit.
  • Jill Schlaeger : Always in my thoughts and prayers. May God heal her. 🙏
  • Melissa Pero : Hi! I have been following your journey. I am glad to hear that your surgery went well! Sending you lots of strength and comfort your way! You can do this!
  • Aims Gerhardt :