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Still in ICU

Aimee underwent surgery on her cervical spine, they removed a tumor that was wrapped around her spinal cord. Surgery was successful. Aimee was moved to ICU.

Aimee was on the ventilator. She was up the whole night on it. She was successfully removed from it and later moved to a regular room.

Within 24 hours Aimee started having breathing problems and was moved back to ICU. She was having worse pain in her back and ribs. X-rays were completed and confirmed she has new lesions on her ribs which caused a broken rib.

10/23 She has surgery to put in a nerve block to see if that would be successful. It seems to have helped with some of her pain.

She is currently in ICU being treated for pnemonia.

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Aimee Updates

7/11 Aimee is in the hospital for an infection with a fever of 104. Theyput her on 8 antibiotics. The doctors believe that the chemo treatmentsare too hard on her body.

7/15 Heading home, Aimee has started oral chemo.

8/5 to 8/8 Trip to Mexico to celebrate with family on the upcomingwedding of Uncle Bobby and Debbie. Debbie and ladies went tocelebrate. Aimee and Mom went parasailing. Had a blast. However,sadly, Aimee had started to have huge headaches.

8/9 Aimee is back in the ER. Headaches are really bad and her bloodpressure is skyrocketing. Decision was made to stop the chemo. Theyare too hard on her body. PET scan shows that the primary tumor hadshrunk by about 92%. Plans are being made for surgery to removeprimary tumor.

8/10 released from hospital again

8/16 Surgery went very well. She is sitting up in a chair. Dr. Kent gaveher a big Teddy Bear and announced that Aimee is in remission.Everyone is very excited. However, she will continue with chemotherapy for the rest of her treatment plan. She finished 20 weeks of the54 weeks treatment plan. She will also start on proton radiationtherapy. The tumor came back with clean margins, diagnosis of mixedgerm cell tumor with teratoma sarcoma. Original site was the thymusgland.

8/28 Aimee had three outpatient appointments. She had chemotherapy treatment, proton therapy radiation tattooing, oncologistappointment and he had confirmed that she is considered in remission.She will be having chemo therapy 5 days per week and 5 ½ weeks of theproton radiation therapy. The radiation therapy is to bones, the skull,spine, chest and pelvis tumors. Aimee’s hair is growing back. Although she looked beautiful evenwithout hair. Especially in her pictures from Mexico.

9/1 Back to ER; Chemo is making Aimee very sick and vomiting andtumors of L1-L3 have caused many compression fractures. Very painful.They have created a custom brace to help her. She went home on 9/2.

9/28 Back in the hospital due to breathing issues and a blood clot in her legwith increased heart rate. She had been scheduled for back surgery tostabilize her lower spine. This was canceled due to the blood clot andbreathing issues. She improved and was sent home on 9/299/29 unfortunately, a few hours after being home, Aimee was having ahard time breathing. She was sent to the hospital via ambulance. Thenearest hospital is St. Joe’s. They stabilized her breathing and thentransferred her via ambulance to Rush Chicago for further treatment.The physicians believe she has pneumonia and a possible blood clot to thelungs. Aimee was in respiratory failure. They treated her with manyantibiotics but they were not helping very quickly. They did do abronchoscopy on 10/3 to determine if the pneumonia was fungal overbacterial. This procedure was very difficult due to having severe issueswith her breathing during the scopy. She did go to ICU due to the levelof oxygen that she needed to breathe.

10/5 Aimee is breaking out of ICU. They suspect that her issues withbreathing were more related to a blood clot rather than just thepneumonia.

10/6 Out of bed and walking the hallways. YAY!!

10/7 released from the hospital with oxygen at home.

10/11 HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMEE, 23 years old now.Happy and sad day. We are celebrating her birthday but, Aimee is sosick that she had to go back to the hospital. Chemo is making her sick,she has a fever, vomiting and unable to move her bowels for severaldays. Turns out she had an intestinal blockage. The back surgery thatwas planned in a few days was canceled again. UGGGGG. 10/12 Also, very sad news. It is discovered that there are new lesionsfound in her cervical spine, occipital bone and liver. Cancer is not inremission at this point. C6 vertebra is very compromised and there areconcerns about causing paralysis. There are many fractures throughouther spine. She feels like her spine is like splintered glass.

10/14 surgery of the spine is scheduled 10/17. C3 through T6 we arecurrently waiting in the surgery family room. They said the surgerywould be about 5 hours. She may come out with a ventilator.

Surgery was successful.


Preliminary Diagnosis

Today we were given a preliminary diagnosis. We will not know the exact diagnosis until Monday but they are thinking it is Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is a very rare type of cancer. Opposed to Lymphoma, which is a blood cancer, this type of Sarcoma infects the muscle tissue. There are about 250 cases in the US per year and accounts for about 1% of all adult cancers. We will not know more about the definite diagnosis and treatment plans until Monday but they are expecting extensive chemotherapy to begin ASAP. Please keep my family and I in your thoughts as we move forward in this battle. Thank you for all the love, prayers and support. We will get through this.