Honor Adam

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18 Tribute Donations

“In honor of Adam Stafford”

— The Copes Family

“In honor of Adam Stafford”

— Rob and Heather and the entire Young family

“In honor of Adam Stafford”

— Margaret Landry, talked with Claudia Dufour

“In honor of Adam Stafford”

— Paul McNamee

“You are a Rock Haylie!”

— Ms. Toni L. Thompson

“In honor of Adam Stafford! We are so proud of you. Happy birthday! Love, Mom, Mr. Chris, Cody, Rush, Aubry, and Christopher. WE ARE STAFFORD STRONG!”

— Mrs. Haylie S. Dufour

“May you and your family continue to feel the warm presence of God's love.We will continue to pray for your healing. McKenzie Knapps and Family.”

— Mrs. Shannon S. Knapps

“In honor of Adam Stafford, We continue to pray for your recovery. Love you. Diana and Karl”

— Mrs. Diana Casanova

“In honor of Adam Stafford”

— Jennifer Braud

— Anonymous