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Surgery Update

Update: Adam came out of surgery yesterday around 6:30pm. Things went really well. Sounds like things are as successful as they can be. The laser took care of the active cells. Now the healing path continues. He had to stay overnight for observation. I have not seen him, but I did speak with him last night and am texting him this morning.  He is in great spirits and doing well.  He was observed hourly and has a consult with a physocal therapist this morning to make sure he can move around safely at home. Hopefully all will go well and he can be discharged today.


Update: As of 12pm today he has been discharged and is home resting comfortably.

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  • Marlyss & Douglas Thiel : that's fantastic news! listen to the doc and follow directions!!
  • Kris Eidem : I'm so glad Adam is on the road to recovery.
  • Cindy Soeldner : Thanks so much for this update! I have a coworker going through similar issues and keeping up on their site as well. Blessings to both of you and in early June we will stop by with a treat for both of you and a quick hello!