Honor Adam

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“In honor of Adam Fedosoff FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS”


“Adam. You are light hope courage inspiration accoustic artistry poetry in motion with a guitar&on a bike & your strength is beyond imagination.”

— Hamish Gordon & Lucie Cousineau

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff from a fellow Les Domestiques”

— Cheryl Swan

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff - one amazing spirit”

— Gregg Friday, friend John Van Marle Tour for Kids

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff Wishing you and your family all the best. Stay strong through this difficult time.”

— Megan

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff Adam you are our HERO”

— Maggie & Golbahar (Jalal's Family)

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff”

— Cheryl Finch

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff, our friend, our neighbour and our idol. Love the Bartlett Family”

— Amber Bartlett

“2010 - A much healthier year for Adam Fedosoff”

— Blanche James

“With Love From, Brenda Down Under”

— Mrs. Brenda Walker