Honor Adam

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“In honor of Adam Fedosoff FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS”

Gifted by Hamish Gordon & Lucie Cousineau

“Adam. You are light hope courage inspiration accoustic artistry poetry in motion with a guitar&on a bike & your strength is beyond imagination.”

Gifted by Cheryl Swan

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff from a fellow Les Domestiques”

Gifted by Gregg Friday, friend John Van Marle Tour for Kids

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff - one amazing spirit”

Gifted by Megan

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff Wishing you and your family all the best. Stay strong through this difficult time.”

Gifted by Maggie & Golbahar (Jalal's Family)

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff Adam you are our HERO”

Gifted by Cheryl Finch

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff”
Amber Bartlett

Gifted by Amber Bartlett

“In honor of Adam Fedosoff, our friend, our neighbour and our idol. Love the Bartlett Family”

Gifted by Blanche James

“2010 - A much healthier year for Adam Fedosoff”
Mrs. Brenda Walker

Gifted by Mrs. Brenda Walker

“With Love From, Brenda Down Under”