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We started this journey a week ago today. October 4th we took Adam to  St Margaret's ER for belly pain. He went in for a CT scan and a few hours later we were given the news Adam has a mass that is compressing his kidney and is steming from his liver or kidney. We were sent by ambulance  to Osf children's memorial. We did another CT and they were pretty sure he has hepatoblastoma, a rare cancer that affects children from infancy to age 3. After many tears, hugs, kisses a d cuddles we had a biopsy scheduled for Monday the 8th. Adam was given a buddy (port) and biopsy from his liver. We spent the night in ICU where he was watched closely and even given a blood transfusion. The next morning we were sent back to the 6th floor where we stayed until discharge. We were given a tour of the St Jude clinic where Adam will receive his chemo and kick this cancers ass. Love this little man and we got this!! Follow us for more updates as we travel this chapter in life❤️

Newest Update

Journal entry by Laura Ely

Well we made it to Peoria today and Adam didn't have any anxiety issues. Today is test day.  We had to go into the hospital in a different part to register. Adam was mad tho cause he wanted soda when he seen the pop machine. The nice thing is we didn't have to wait long tho till we got moved.
    When we did get moved it was time to get ready for the CT scan. By this time Adam now wanted cold milk and he was getting very angery because the nurse was asking to many questions and not getting his cold milk. Now Adam had to be NPO since Midnight. That's because he was being knocked out for the CT scan and MRI. Well they wanted to make Adam comfortable to they gave him some happy drugs to make the transition better. Boy let me tell you when that took hold Adam was so happy and funny. Then we took the walk to testing area. 
    The whole testing time took 3.5 hours. So in the time you try and find things to talk about and do. So we did have some lunch in the cafeteria. While down there the clinic called and said Adam needed a transfusion. So that would be the last thing he would have done today. When we got done with lunch we went back to the 2nd floor of Children's Hospital and waited for the call they where done and moving Adam to recovery.
    While in recovery Adam got to have his Echo cardiogram done. So the was the plus part because that appointment was set for 3 and we would have never made it since Adam was needing the blood transfusion. So after the Echo cardiogram we got transferred to clinic where we went over the blood draws and the results of Echo and Adam got his transfusion. 
    So let's start with the Echo. They say Adam's heart looks great. No problems from the chemo. The Tumor marker. October it was at 14,000 beginning of November 12,000 end of November 389 December 46. THIS IS AWESOME. This means tumor is shrinking. The chemo is doing it's job. We will get the results of the other tests on Monday. Today started at 5 am for all of us we left clinic at 5pm and got home at 7:30. Very long day.but good news witch we love.

With lots of love
Team Adam
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