Honor Richard

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“In honor of Richard Nagle.”

— Jim & Sandy Olson

“In honor of Richard Nagle.”

— James Nagle

“In honor of Richard Nagle May he be at Peace after his courageous battle the past years.”

— B.J. Hildebrand

— Jim Nagle

“In honor of Richard Nagle”

— Barb Bain

“In honor of Richard Nagle - my dad, my friend and my hero. We all love you and we are in your corner for this fight. Happy Father's Day!”

— Ryan, Éva and Bogi

“In honor of Richard Nagle on Father's Day: Stay strong and know you are loved every day, more than words can say!”

— Cathy and Matt McKenzie

“In honor of Richard Nagle- I love you and want you well again, for you and for us.”

— Love, Gratia

“In honor of Richard Nagle You need to get rid of the Yuk and get well!!! Love you!”

— Your Sis - Marilyn