Honor Richard

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Gifted by Jim & Sandy Olson

“In honor of Richard Nagle.”
James Nagle

Gifted by James Nagle

“In honor of Richard Nagle.”

Gifted by B.J. Hildebrand

“In honor of Richard Nagle May he be at Peace after his courageous battle the past years.”

Gifted by Jim Nagle

Barb Bain

Gifted by Barb Bain

“In honor of Richard Nagle”
Ryan, Éva and Bogi

Gifted by Ryan, Éva and Bogi

“In honor of Richard Nagle - my dad, my friend and my hero. We all love you and we are in your corner for this fight. Happy Father's Day!”
Cathy and Matt McKenzie

Gifted by Cathy and Matt McKenzie

“In honor of Richard Nagle on Father's Day: Stay strong and know you are loved every day, more than words can say!”
Love, Gratia

Gifted by Love, Gratia

“In honor of Richard Nagle- I love you and want you well again, for you and for us.”
Your Sis - Marilyn

Gifted by Your Sis - Marilyn

“In honor of Richard Nagle You need to get rid of the Yuk and get well!!! Love you!”