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20 Years, 675,000 Stories, One You:

Honoring Powerful Connections Across Health Journeys

You Are CaringBridge

Have you used CaringBridge to connect with family and friends? If so, we want to hear from you in honor of our 20th year.

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Why you needed a CaringBridge site? What did family and friends do to lift you up when you needed it most? What was it that helped you heal … even if a cure was not your outcome?

There is Power in Sharing Your Story

20 Years, 675,000 Stories, One You: Share Your Story

By CaringBridge Staff | April 3, 2017

Did you know the first CaringBridge website was created 20 years ago for a premature baby named Brighid?

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Annie Brewster with her husband and children

Why Share Your Story? During an Illness, Storytelling Can Help Healing

By Dr. Annie Brewster | March 28, 2017

When Dr. Brewster had to deliver to a young woman a diagnosis of MS, the patient was in tears. But in that moment, the physician said, “I have MS, too.”

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A Healing Journey: Michael Bischoff’s Story

Andrea Uptmor | Feb 17, 2017

While Michael’s reaction to the diagnosis of an aggressive brain cancer certainly included fear, grief, and shock, the news also opened up a wellspring of gratitude.

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