Young Heroes Who Deserve to Be Famous

Stories of celebrities and sports stars dominate the news. And sometimes those news stories are about celebrities doing good deeds for someone going through a health event. It’s heartwarming to see stars like Johnny Depp and Taylor Swift show up in the hospital and make someone’s day.

Celebrities In the News – for all the Right Reasons

Taylor Swift Makes a Fan’s Hospital Stay Way Better

When 11-year-old Naomi Oakes spent months hospitalized during her leukemia treatment, she had to miss her favorite singer Taylor Swift’s concert. But instead, Naomi received a personal message from Taylor, along with a donation for her medical bills.


It’s Not Just Celebrities – Three Young Heroes Who Inspire Kindness

But it’s not just celebrities. Read on to see stories of some small but mighty kids who went above and beyond to make a difference for people facing health events.

The Dragon Master Raises Autism Awareness

Santino Stagliano, a 10-year-old boy with autism, channels his creativity and processes emotions by drawing dragons that show emotions. “It was easier for him to talk about feelings by drawing dragons with those feelings,” Santino’s outpatient therapist, Bethany Barney, told

After Santino began drawing these dragon designs onto t-shirts, people contacted his mom, requesting their own dragon t-shirts. Now the Stagliano family sells the t-shirts to raise awareness and money for autism research.

Santino's Village


Maddy’s Mighty Minions Pay It Forward

Maddy Grayless will always be remembered for her kindness.

Sadly, she died at only 8 years old after a very short cancer journey. One of her dying wishes, according to her mother, was to make a difference. Friends and even strangers came together to make her wish come true.

Using the hashtag #MaddysMightyMinions, supporters of Maddy have been paying it forward by performing good deeds.

Maddy Grayless


3-Year-Old Emily Donates First Haircut

Sometimes selflessness starts early.

3-year-old Emily James donated her very first haircut to a wig shop affiliated with the Canadian Cancer Society. She chose this caring act because “sometimes kids get sick and then their hair falls out, and that’s really, really sad,” she says.

Source: FlyPress Films

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