World Caring Day is June 7

World Caring Day on June 7 is an opportunity for everyone to practice caring, which is needed now more than ever. An initiative of CaringBridge to mark 25 years of supporting people on health journeys, the day encourages everyone to appreciate those who care, and to care for them just as much. By sincerely asking how someone’s day went, it shows that you care, and can improve that person’s overall well-being. And in today’s competitive world, having someone who genuinely cares is a blessing.

All acts of caring — big or small, are important, however, it is in times of upheaval when caring matters the most. For instance, when someone is facing health issues or a certain medical condition, that’s when your support and care can really make a difference. Your loved ones should know that they are not alone on this journey. You can learn more about how to keep track of someone’s health journey and read stories about others on the CaringBridge website.

How to Celebrate World Caring Day

Share Your Story

Share your story of caring for a loved one through a challenging health journey. You can also read stories of others to feel inspired.

Show Up for a Loved One

Today is the day to show up for your loved ones. Spend time with your friends and family, listen to them, and care for them in whatever way you can. Just having a meaningful heart-to-heart conversation can do wonders.

Immerse Yourself in Caring

From June 7-11, join us at the Mall of America in Minnesota (the birthplace of CaringBridge) and experience first-hand the profound brilliance of millions of lights, each representing a personal act of caring.

  • Carol Burns

    Hi to Erika, Jackson, Lexi, Nicole, & of course you, dear John. John, you’re a kind, caring, loving, & spiritual man, & this has helped prepare you for this difficult journey. Your family loves you dearly, as do many other relatives & friends. Praying for all of you every day for strength & peace.

  • Tom & Debbie Haworth

    Hey there! Our prayers are with you! You are strong. You are in good hands.
    Our granddaughter is saving a tootsie roll for you when you get home! All our best!
    To you and all your family. Love 💕💕