Without You, There is No CaringBridge

Thanks to YOU, CaringBridge has launched the first in a series of conversations to delve into the simple and complex topic of how we heal.

In future segments, we want to share more about the science behind healing, of which there is surprisingly little. And to help the world arrive at a universal definition of healing, of which there is none. And to talk about why the choice to heal is made easily for some, but remains only a possibility for others.

But first, we must define “YOU.”

To the patients and family caregivers across the country who responded to our invitation to re-live the most agonizing times of your lives, simply to help others … you are amazing.

While we were able to connect directly with only precious few of you on this first leg of the journey, we have been so moved by what you bravely and graciously shared. We expect to share additional stories as this series continues.

To National Geographic photographer and documentary filmmaker David McLain, who blended into the woodwork, everywhere we went, only to produce 13,161 photographs, every one of which we wanted to feature.

Thank you for A) sharing with us your talent, wisdom and the ability to “think big,” shaped by your world travels for National Geographic B) your rigorous photo-editing standards, to narrow the image selection.

To CaringBridge founder Sona Mehring, we are grateful for your encouragement to explore deeply something you have known, instinctively, since the beginning: Healing is an outcome of love, hope and compassion.

Also, thank you for never budging on your decision to keep CaringBridge a nonprofit that is protected and private.

To CEO Liwanag Ojala, you know from losing people you love before their time that healing is complicated—and simple.

You challenged us to elevate the conversation on healing, and to accelerate understanding of its power, for everyone who needs it.

Note: When we see you in your office, with a box of Kleenex moved close, we know you are reading CaringBridge websites. And we love you for it.

Any major undertaking like this has a guiding spirit, and for us it is YOU … every single person who has found in CaringBridge, over 20 years, a safe and secure place to turn after diagnosis, illness, injury, premature birth … any health crisis.

How We Heal is all about YOU.

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Natalie Bushaw May 28, 2018 7:24am
Simply fascinating! We know we would not be where we are today without the power of CaringBridge—fifteen years after starting our site. Congratulations and thank you for helping so millions of us heal.