10 Things Lupus Will Never Take From Me: Part 1

10 things lupus will never take from me: part 1

CaringBridge staff member Karin Gelschus recently shared a post on WebMD’s A Different Normal blog. It’s easy for people coping with a chronic illness—whether big or small—to focus on the things they can no longer do. Karin opens up about her struggles, having been diagnosed with Lupus at the age of 23.

“After one particularly long day, I lay awake in bed thinking about all the things I struggled with or couldn’t do at all anymore. My dire thoughts swirled above my head as I stared at the ceiling with tears silently streaming down my cheeks. Feeling incredibly alone, I called my sister. She reminded me that I had 22 years of being Karin without lupus, and I have plenty of characteristics that never left.”

Reaching Out With CaringBridge

By calling her sister, Karin discovered that by reaching out — just a little — she was able to find the kind of support she needed to lift her spirits, encourage her and help her keep the challenges of coping with lupus in perspective. And she was only scratching the surface. CaringBridge allowed Karin to start her own website— a trusted and secure online space designed to help her connect, share her thoughts and feelings through her own blog posts and journaling, and receive supportive messages from family and friends. All in all, it’s one of the best tactics for coping with illness.

Read 10 Things Lupus Will Never Take From Me in its entirety on WebMD.

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Kelly Nov 07, 2012 8:53pm
My sister had a caringbridge website. I felt so relieved that she had a place to go, not only to tell her story, but to let her know about how much we all cared about her. This blog made me cry, but in a good way, because she was so much about being positive. Thank you, Karin, for living the optimism Lisa had. Even though it's been a long time, I miss her so much. Please keep her positive spirit.
    July Jan 25, 2013 2:16am
    That really capteurs the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.