Six Ways for Caregivers to Streamline Meal Prep

Caregivers need faster, easier meals.

When you’re spending a great deal of time and energy caring for someone, other areas of your life might lag a bit. You know…things like cooking for your family. Like those times when you’re tired, you’re busy, and you had no time to think about dinner – even though your loved ones were definitely thinking about it.

Tips and Tricks to Make Meals Faster and Easier

These clever suggestions should help you streamline the meal-prep process, making it easier for you to feed your famished brood.

  • Use a slow cooker. You’ll be amazed at the meals you can put together in the morning, let cook all day, then serve for dinner. For delicious stews and more, these machines are must-haves for busy people. Get more tips and recipes here.
  • Make several dishes at one time. Many meals that can be created ahead of time, like on weekends, then eaten days later (or if you freeze them, even months later). Find tons of ideas online, starting with Real Simple’s Web edition.
  • Use your freezer. Martha Stewart’s website, has a variety of recipes designed to freeze and reheat when you’re ready. From baked penne with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes to lasagna primavera, vegetable chowder, taco filling and more – all are a breeze to freeze.
  • Recruit the family. They want to eat? They can help! Everyone, regardless of age, can pitch in to unwrap, chop, slice, dice, thaw, wash, set the table, manage condiments and more. This goes for cleanup, too.
  • Keep it simple. Mix it up occasionally with store-bought pizza, take-out, scrambled eggs, or good ol’ PB&J sandwiches.
  • Use your CaringBridge SupportPlanner. There’s one on every CaringBridge Site – an easy-to-use online meal calendar you can use to assign meals, errands and other tasks, and where everyone can see where you need help and sign up on their own. Believe us, everyone wants to pitch in. See how the SupportPlanner works now.

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