Sharing CaringBridge with the World

“CaringBridge allowed both my parents to feel the love of others when they needed it most during this very difficult trial.” – Kimberly Wright

For Kimberly Wright, CaringBridge was the lifeline her family needed after her father, Tom Ess, was diagnosed with colon cancer.

How CaringBridge Helped

CaringBridge made Tom’s health journey easier for his family in two ways.

First, his family was able to quickly and easily get updates out to family and friends. According to Kimberly, without CaringBridge her mom and dad would never have been able to physically and emotionally communicate everything that was happening.

Second, the CaringBridge guestbook comments gave Tom the encouragement, motivation and hope he needed to continue his cancer journey.

“CaringBridge allowed both my parents to feel the love of others when they needed it most during this very difficult trial,” Kimberly says.

Tom beat all the odds. He lived for three years after his initial diagnosis. After his funeral, Tom’s family found great comfort in those who continued to leave supportive and loving comments on his website.

Raising Awareness Worldwide

After Tom’s passing, Kimberly wanted to spread the word about CaringBridge around the globe.

To raise awareness, Kimberly and her daughter Hailey wore CaringBridge shirts every day as they walked the famous Camino de Santiago – all 500 miles of it.

The Camino de Santiago begins in the French Pyrenees and ends at Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. People from all over the world walk the grueling Camino path. Some do it for outdoor exploration or exercise. For many it’s a spiritual and religious pilgrimage.

The Most Rewarding Part

Kimberly and Hailey met people from every corner of the globe on their journey. As they encountered people from South Africa, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Argentina and many other countries, they told everyone about the benefits of using CaringBridge.

Nearly everyone they met had never heard of CaringBridge. Once they were told about CaringBridge, many replied that they had a friend or family member who could use it. People were impressed that creating a personal website was available to anyone, anywhere at no cost.

“Hopefully, through our efforts spreading the word, many more people from all over the world will be able to experience the healing and hope that CaringBridge provides to those who are in the midst of a challenging journey.”

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  • Judy Anne Ess

    I am so proud of my daughter, Kimberly Anne (Ess) Wright. Throughout my husband’s journey fighting this formable beast, Kimberly wrote hours and hours
    in caring bridge detailing her Dads fight. Some people thought she was in the medical field. My Grandchild, Hailey,
    has set the example to my eight other
    grandchildren how to spread the love through caring bridge. I’m going with Kimberly on the Camino next year.