#SayItForward: Kindness, Compassion, Hope, Love & Healing with Social Tech

Sona Mehring at TEDxFargo in July 2016

Technology gives us more ways to connect than we could possibly imagine even 20 years ago. And as we control the content that is created and shared, it is squarely on our shoulder’s to use social technology responsibly and with the intention to strengthen relationships and leave a positive impact on the world ­— not just during times of crisis, but every day.

Sona Mehring, founder of CaringBridge, the first and most widely used social network focused on connecting with loved ones during a health journey, demonstrates how everyday messages of love, meaning and kindness can start the ripple effect of #SayItForward.

CaringBridge first started as an act of kindness for her friends, but it soon became Sona’s passion and eventually her new career. People around the world are now able to share news, receive strength, and coordinate care by creating free personal websites through CaringBridge. Since its creation, more than 650,000 CaringBridge websites have been visited 2.1 billion times.

As an author, speaker and community builder, Sona elevates the awareness and use of CaringBridge on a national scale by speaking about improving health outcomes through the power of social support. Sona is the author of Hope Conquers All: Inspiring Stories of Love and Healing from CaringBridge.

Here When You Need It

Are you or a loved one caring for someone on a health journey? If so, start a CaringBridge website, where you can share updates and receive encouragement and support from your community.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by the Fargo community. Learn more at

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