Love and Compassion Rule in “Hope Conquers All”

First “Hope Conquers All” reviews are in.

The advance copies are out, the first reviews are in, and the reactions to “Hope Conquers All” are overwhelmingly awesome.

Author Sona Mehring is also the founder of – the online social network that helps people negotiate their health journeys in the best possible way: supported by all the love, hope, and compassion their families and friends can share with them.

Stories That Speak to You

Millions of people have used CaringBridge Sites, and “Hope Conquers All” collects some of the warmest, most moving and most uplifting stories they have to tell.

Their words describe feelings of compassion and grief, love, hope and the beauty of the human spirit. They explore the many prisms through which one can view life in good times and bad.

It’s the kind of book whose every story can speak to you. Heck, even reading the funny ones can put a lump in your throat (they did mine). And the author complements each chapter with her own thoughtful commentary and observations.

Other readers can tell you even more about “Hope Conquers All”:

“The stories in this book will give you a glimpse into someone else’s life and make you thankful for each and every day.
—Heather Sharp, author of “Why Did I Survive?”

“I connected immediately with ‘Hope Conquers All’ because of my daughter’s leukemia diagnosis at age 12. This collection of stories would be a great gift to someone in a situation where health issues are overwhelming.”
—Karla Blackwood, CaringBridge user and one of “The Girls from Ames”

“There is an old saying in medicine: ‘The secret of patient care is in caring for the patient.’ That’s a way of saying that love and compassion help people heal. This is what CaringBridge stands for, and it’s what makes our world a better, kinder place.”
Larry Dossey, MD, author of “Healing Words” and “Prayer is Good Medicine”

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The book will be available August 6, 2013. Order your copy now for delivery from AmazonBarnes & Noble and IndieBound.

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Susan White Jul 12, 2013 11:59am
I am so incredibly grateful to CaringBridge. It's always "ready, able and willing" to keep our friends and family up to date with our on going challenges and successes in my husband's almost five year cancer battle. Thank you CaringBridge!!