The Protection You Want With the Privacy You Choose

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The protect you want; the privacy you choose.

CaringBridge has always strived to provide a safe, secure place for you and your loved ones to share updates and support while going through any health journey. Because we ensure that your site is protected and private, you can confidently post updates to your friends and family without worry or hesitation. Protection and privacy remain, as they always have, a key element when creating a caring experience for our users—and that will never change.

When you create a CaringBridge Site, important protection and privacy guarantees are always in place:

  • Personal data is protected and not sold. We promise that your information is protected and will never be provided to anyone, ever.
  • There’s no outside advertising. When going through your health journey, advertisements shouldn’t be a focus on your Site—your journey should. Third-party advertisements will never appear on any CaringBridge Site.
  • Your news and updates are as private as you make them or as public as you want them to be. With every site comes an option to make the information you share as private or public as you want it to be. We offer three privacy settings—low, medium and high—allowing for you to decide who you share your updates and site with. The privacy choice is simple and completely up to you.

Protection and privacy are as important to us as they are important to you. We guarantee that you will be able to update your caring network without worry of your information being sold, shared or provided without your consent. We want to make sure that your health journey is safe and secure, allowing you to receive the love, hope and compassion that you need.

Want to Know More?

To learn more about Privacy and Protection and our other services, check out our homepage. It offers details on everything CaringBridge has to offer.

Let us know what you think about the updates to our site. What features do you like? Wish we had? Leave your comments below—we always enjoy your feedback!

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