Family of Preemie Twins Feels Double-Blessed

Spoiler Alert: Twins born at 26 weeks, weighing just 2 pounds each, do turn into healthy, happy and very busy toddlers. I’d like you to meet Tate and Mila.

My husband, Ben, and I, were expecting our babies in November of 2014. Around Thanksgiving. But they arrived in August, 13 weeks ahead of schedule.

I remember it was a Saturday afternoon, Aug. 23, and we had finished setting up both baby cribs. Ben was moving furniture so he could start cleaning our carpets.

I had not been feeling well, so I went to lie down. What I thought was back pain and a little cramping turned into labor that could not be reversed.

We had not completed any birthing classes … or even learned any breathing exercises.

Tate, left, and Mila, on their first day together at home from the hospital.

Tate and Mila were born at 7:08 and 7:09 that evening. Tate, who weighed in at 2 pounds, 5 ounces, did not make a sound. But Mila, at 2 pounds, 6 ounces, let out a little whimper that sounded almost puppy-like.

Ben and I kept getting reassured that the best nurses and doctors were helping our twins. A social worker at the hospital suggested something she thought might be helpful for us.

She said to Ben, “A lot of families use CaringBridge to keep everyone updated.”

He started the site when Mila and Tate were 3 days old. I think that sitting down and writing helped Ben manage his feelings.

When they tell you the NICU is a rollercoaster of emotions, they aren’t kidding.

Behind those doors is a whole lot of hope, fear, tears, smiles, rejoicing and frustrations. But it was heartwarming to know that so many people were thinking of us, and praying for our little ones.

We found that CaringBridge was a good outlet to process the long days of watching our sick babies fight for their lives.

After 13 weeks in the hospital, Mila and Tate finally got to come home. I can tell you I dreamed of that day, as much as I dreamed of our 2-pound babies growing into healthy, happy kids.

The outcome of our story is better than we ever could have imagined. Our premature babies are now thriving toddlers, turning 4 in August.  They’re in preschool … separate classes. Mila is hilarious. She can make anyone laugh. And Tate is our lover; he is the one who will cuddle with you.

We also have a new little one in the family. Our son, Wyatt, will be 2 in May. He was born a full-term, healthy baby: 8 pounds, 1 ounce. He is huge … right now he is as big as Tate, height-wise!

A few months ago, I looked back at our CaringBridge site. I went on randomly, and wound up reading everything.

I thought, “I can’t believe we went through all that.” It was like it happened to someone else. You forget, and then the memories come flooding back.

We haven’t posted on CaringBridge in awhile, because we thankfully haven’t had to share medical updates. But people still always ask, “How are your babies?”

So maybe I will write again soon. Sometimes it is good just to hear that things are “normal.”

Katie and her family live in Moorhead, MN.

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  • Margaret Merritt

    Congratulations and all best wishes going forward. Thanks for making people aware of Caring Bridge.

  • Karen A. Anderson

    Good for you and thank you for the beautifully written update about your precious children. Our first grandson was 6 weeks early and spent time in the NICCU in Portland while my daughter and husband stayed in the Ronald MacDonald House or at least tried to get some rest there. The entire staff was amazing and our Hunter just turned 11 this summer–a very energetic and healthy little boy. He has an 8 year old brother and 6 year old sister to manage!

  • Maxine Dusig

    I couldn’t be happier for you. I have used Caring Bridge before, & it was a great vehicle to keeping in touch!
    Thank you so very much for beginning such a site as “Caring Bridge”. You have such a beautiful family❤️

  • Best wishes always!!

    Thank you for sharing your story!! Thankfully God blessed you with an awesome outcome!!

  • Darla J Haack

    What an adorable family. I have five children and enjoy each one with their distinct differences, and similarities. Our twins
    were born 2 months premature, I can relate on all the feelings, and I had to leave 2 at home when I went to the hospital and then had to leave my twins to go home to the other two. It wasn’t easy, lots of tears and prayers. But feeling blessed with 4 boys ages 30, 24, 22, and 22 and a little (not so little anymore) girl 14. Enjoy every moment good or bad cause they grow up Way To Fast. Blessings to you and your beautiful children.

  • Ashley Ramstad

    You are amazing Katie! I am so happy for all of you!

  • Maureen Friedrich

    I’m so happy for all of you! What a wonderful ending to a very scary time for you! Praise God! The son and daughter in law of our church secretary just lost both of their unborn twins at 4 months. So very sad.
    Thank you for sharing your precious story! Your children are adorable!

  • Teresa Orndorff

    Thank you for sharing your story and pictures of your beautiful family! Love, health, and happiness to you always!!!!

  • Teresa Orndorff

    Thank you for posting your story and pictures of your beautiful children!! Health and happiness to you always!!

  • Dianne Hughes

    Beautiful story and we are so happy for you and your family. The children are all adorable and loo like they are full of joy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Mildred

    You are indeed blessed with beautiful children. Our third granddaughter was born two months premature. Now she is a healthy fourteen year old. God does put caring professionals in our paths and strangers who who pray.

  • Laura

    God keeps performing miracles and you are the receivers of one of His great glories. May God keep blessing you and your family long into the future.


  • Mark Jordan

    A Happy ending to a life Changing Journey thru many emotions. Faith, hope and love are powerful feelings! Thank God!

  • Cheryl Lee Riegger-Krugh

    thank you Jesus

  • Annie

    Thanks for posting ! You are strong!

  • Genie MRamsey

    I love seeing these beautiful twins now. I am 66 years old when I was born I weighed 1 lb 14 oz I stayed in the hospital 6 months and my mother could not hold me at all. Things were different then

  • Pastor Barbara Eason

    What a beautiful demonstration of the miracle working power of God and his awesome love for you. And what a beautidul family you have. God continued blessings on you and your family. I DO BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER.

  • Charlotte Engelmeyer

    Thank you Katie for sharing your lovely story. You have a very beautiful family there. I am so happy for you and Ben for 3 lovely children. They are very precious.

  • Cara sue

    Thank you for sharing your story Katie. I’m so happy things turned out great for you and your beautiful family. I am a mother of 2 and a grandma of 6. I love every moment of it. Caringbridge is a wonderful place to keep updated on friends and loved ones. Happy spring! Hugs.

  • Doris Dupler

    How wonderful to have such a happy ending, and such a beautiful family. Our tiny great
    granddaughter is still there and doing great; a wonderful place. Her “big” sister was there
    six years ago, weighing only 1 lb 7 oz. and now in kindergarten doing very well. Thank you
    for writing and God bless.

  • Dale Siebers

    Thanks for introducing me to Tate & Mila, baby brother Wyatt, too! I am so glad all are doing well. What a beautiful family.

    Your story cheers me up, and I thank you for your prayers and well wishes for me. This is a great Website; it makes it so easy to share and make new friends too. Thanks for inviting me in to your family.

    I wish you all good health and happiness. …Dale

  • S. Dominica Gerszewski

    Thank you for sharing your story. Because of all the love you had given to these little ones they became healthy little youngsters. I am sure there were lots of prayers by you and your friends at this time. Praise the Lord for His favors to us.
    Sister Dominica Gerszewski, Crookston, Mn

  • Jennifer Rojop

    Katie I wish I would have read your caring bridge posts earlier. I have identical twin girls that were born 2 months early. I had TTTS (Twin to twin transfusion syndrome). I had fetal surgery at 21 weeks to try and stop my twins from stealing food/blood flow from each other. That helped for a little bit but ended up having an emergency c section. My twins weighed 2lbs 8oz and 3lbs 11oz. They are now 2 years old and are very active. They weigh 24lbs and you would never know they were born early or spent 3 months in the nicu.

  • Roberta Quinn

    I loved reading your story. Wish I had known about this last year when I was in and out of the hospital. I would have been able to let everyone know what was going on. Glad your two little ones are doing good.

  • Mark J,VonBank

    that is a wonderful story miracles do happen and sounds like they keep you and Ben pretty busy! keep up the great work and know that Caring Bridge is a wonderful site.

  • Maurine (Monnie) Frost

    Kate, thank you for sharing your journey

  • Patricia Atkins

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story about such a precious family… You guys are a living, walking, talking miracle!

  • Mary Ann

    Thank you for your story of Tate and Mila. I was introduced to this site when a good friend of mine own grandson was diagnosed with a rare cancer. He was 18 months old and would need months of chemotheraphy and weeks of radiation. Caring Bridge kept me updated and also made me realize how important this organization is. I have, and will continue to donate to Caring Bridge. Mighty Mathew is a little fighter and has the support of his loving family and many other people

  • Rosemary Fields

    Thank you for posting this update and pictures of these precious miracle children. God has blessed you so much. I know you will be eternally grateful. I praise Him for giving your premature babies life and for giving you peace as you waited day by day for them to gain ounces and pounds. They are beautiful children and you are beautiful parents. I pray you raise these childen to know and love God. Tell them how God held them and took care of them as they spent all those weeks at the hospital. What a miracle! Please keep us posted as to how everyone is doing. Congrats on the 3rd child. God is so good.

  • Pam

    What a wonderful story. Thank you. Pam in Arizona

  • Tom Hunter

    What a miracle family you have. Prayer and caring can work miracles. You family truly is beautiful 🙂

  • Dale Johnson

    What a nice family you have. I’m happy for you and Ben that everything turned out for the better.

    Dale and Holly-Dee

  • Tori

    Having the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass said for those who are going through a serious medical/health issue is good for the recipients (including family and friends) as well as the one who has arranged the Holy Mass. These current/popular internet sites should not replace talking to people personally (on the phone, visits), praying for all involved and doing whatever we can to help (in person is always the best, but if this is not possible, then a personal phone call is helpful or asking what you can send, for example gift certificates to restaurants as the families involved are often too stressed out to cook). This is what was done before the internet.

  • Faye Snyder

    You have been blessed with a wealth of love and strength. Congrats for making to such a beautiful place in life for your family.

  • Ellen

    Thank You and God Bless Your Beautiful Family!

  • Gloria

    You have been truly blessed with your beautiful family. Prayers and connecting to family and friends using this site for support is a tremendous relief as it limits the amount of calls that one would be making otherwise. Continued prayers and blessings coming your way.

    This site has been very helpful for our family too.

  • Mary Moehle

    My dearest friend since kindergarten, (we are now in our mid+ 60’s), was gravely ill, and though we remain very close, San Francisco and St. Louis was an obstacle of physical distance we had to deal with. Messages, phone calls … and Caring Bridge helped tremendously in bridging that gap. As you so intimately know, the loving, Christian, and miraculous hand of God is at work through Caring Bridge, and is one of the most overtly obvious indications of His goodness. Words such as “Miraculous, Great Physician”, and as Helen said, “… Jesus is the Solid Rock we build that trust on–in this life we will have trouble. Our strength and faith rests in the Rock of our salvation…GOD is ever-faithful, ever-present in our troubles and our spiritual growth” – – – are certainly gems of glory that strengthen us through life’s most perilous times. When we are carried through those terrifying and lonely times, deep and comforting rest is ours, and we realize we are not done living with the experience. We are now given an opportunity to translate the intense prayer, hopes, and energy into a living testimonial of ONE MORE MIRACLE. Friends, relatives, strangers, (such as myself), and anyone who has heard of Caring Bridge and any similar organizations, will be heartened, rejuvenated, and inspired to renew their faith, efforts, and joy of sharing openly your “proof of life”.
    God has proven He has blessed you, and may He lead you always.

  • Sandy Butler

    What precious children! God has blessed you good. ❤️

  • Joy

    So Happy to hear your story and loved the photos of your adorable children!
    I was first introduced to CB last year at this time.
    It is an awesome website to write on and share your raw thoughts to your loved ones…. a Great Support for All to communicate!!
    I wish your Family good health and happiness Always!

  • Dolores Tema

    Blessing to those beautiful twins and their parents. It’s wonderful how much our medical system can do today. Stay healthy and strong

  • Donna D'Angelo

    Thank you for sharing your journey. You have a beautiful family.

  • barbara luedke

    continued blessings and prayers for your family. what a wonderful tale you have to share…

  • Charles Moore

    So happy that your bundles of joy are fine and healthy. God is so good. Try to spend as much time as possible with them . They grow up too fast, My kids are grown up and our 3 grandson all 6 ft are doing well for themselves. God Bless you.

  • marie white

    I thank God always, for healing the sick, you & Ben did get “two Miracles” they are beautiful!! As a Mom and Grandma, I can only imagine what you both went through!! But Jesus is still in the healing business, He is the Great Physician!! Your new son Wyatt is also beautiful!! May our dear Lord keep you all in the palm of His Healing Hands!!

  • Helen

    What beautiful children! What a gift and joy these little ones are! The twins “tough-start” was an opportunity to develop faith in the goodness of God…Jesus is the Solid Rock we build that trust on…in this life we will have trouble. Our strength and faith rests in the Rock of our salvation…GOD is ever-faithful, ever-present in our troubles and our spiritual growth… the most important relationship we will ever have and the one that affects our whole life. Your twins “tough-start” was an opportunity for trusting what you could not see, the most difficult thing is to let go, to trust the heart of GOD. We will have troubles in this world but we never have to walk alone…imagine a faithful Friend by your side in the good times and especially the hard, difficult times…trusting the heart of God in all things until the end is what Jesus did, our Rock and Refuge, he is our source of strength and wisdom. Family is God’s idea, you have been blessed with a precious gift, the adversity at the birth of your twins has turned around to become joy. GOD bless and keep you. Happy Easter and spring!
    In response to receiving your greeting and family update a Blessing from the heart of a grateful great-grandmother to a precious young family.

  • Maureen Biggar

    This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your life story. My granddaughter is battling leukemia & Caring Bridge was started by a family friend, because my daughter didn’t have the emotional energy at first. Now both she & her husband update it regularly. It is a good way to vent, give prayer requests & update all of us on the challenges & triumphs; God’s faithfulness in the midst of pain. May your children continue to grow healthy & strong in God’s richest blessings!

  • Leonie Luterman

    Thank you so much for sharing such good news! Never having met you, we can now all rejoice with you! Bless Caring Bridge!

  • davidwilliamslack

    Congratulations on getting such beautiful , and even better healthy babies. I know what it feels like to have the realization of what could have been‼️I know that graditude came the hard way for me. But just look into their eyes and all that stress will melt away, because they will know that you have their well-being at heart! Caring Bridge really helped my family to communicate with friends and family. Sincerely David????????( BTW, I’m a Santa Claus by trade)& Stanley????(my faithful companion )

  • Sandra Parson

    You have a beautiful family. We serve an Amazing and Awesome God!

  • Wes Blackard

    I feel sure that you will agree with me, that GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME and also that ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD !!!

  • Wes Blackard

    I know that you will agree with me…that God is GOOD ALL THE TIME and that ALL THE TIME GOD IS GOOD !!!

  • Patty Burtnette

    I read your story and saw your beautiful pictures. What a wonderful blessing! God has come through again. He is smiling now, I am sure. He has given you these little lives, so that they would someday bring other people to live with Him in heaven. What a wonderful gift. You are truly blessed.

  • Susan

    Wonderful story! Your children are beautiful!

  • Sammy

    A heart warming story !

    A beautiful family !

    Thanks !

  • Wonil Kim

    Thanks a lot for sharing your blessing story. My wife and I have triplets, who were prematurely born at 31 and half weeks in 2011. Our boys are genetically identical, but their personality and preference seems frequently different so far. While we are raising them, my wife and I have figured out how God sincerely worked for us. We could not have ever denied that our life in every day is correctly and properly managed by God’s Will and Grace. More than sometimes, we were in trouble, could not predict our future, and did not want to follow His leads. However, God is always faithful to wait for us to come back to Him and helpful to awaken us to understand what is the best for us. As the triplets’ parents, my wife and I are now trying to help our triplet boys looking at God’s vision, listening to God’s proclaim, and following through God’s glory because we truly believe those are the most precious gifts in our lives could not be replaced with anything. Even though our boys are still very young, we think there is no too early time to love them as much as God loves us that is our goal to live day by day until God may call us. I hope that you and your family already knew it in your life while living with the gorgeous twins who must be gifted from God. God bless you and your family with His Love and Grace~!

  • Judy Thompson

    Thanks for your encouragement .Three beautiful children

  • Judy Thompson

    Thanks for your encouragement Three beautiful children.

  • Sharon L. Hohn

    God has really blessed you with how he provided you with healthy twins. It’s an amazing story of how God shows His continuous love and healing power in the darkest of times!! Thank you for sharing your story, and look forward to future updates????

  • Sandie

    Dear Katie,
    What a beautiful story you shared on this first day of spring. My heart is so happy for you and your lovely special family. Caring Bridge has been such a blessing for me to keep close to the progress my wonderful friend, Mary, has made since her freak accident three months ago today. She is in Texas and I live in Iowa so this vessel of communication has been a blessing.
    Thank you again for telling me about your darling twins, Tate and Mila. How lucky they are to have a brother, Wyatt. You will have so many awesome years ahead. Enjoy every moment.
    Sandie Schafroth

  • Deb

    That is wonderful. You have beautiful children. God is good. Blessings Deb Hulley

  • Jim & Bonnie Gabriel, Missouri

    So thrilled that your life is blessed. Children look wonderful. Take good care of you!

  • Janette Seevers

    So thankful for your precious twins are healthy. The cutest little brother they can cuddle with and teach him some fun stuff. Congratulations. God is Good.

  • Gloria A Colicchio

    It is so nice to hear the kind words you are expressing about your life. All I can say is the
    best of health for your children and the best of health for you and your husband.
    Carry on

  • Kathy Blanton

    Such a beautiful story, Katie! What a great family photo and beautiful little ones! Thank you for sharing your heart with us! God Bless you and your family! We serve an awesome God!

  • Joyce Lewis

    Heartwarming! So happy for you! My twins were born full-term, FIFTY years ago! They have been the joy of my life.

  • Peggy

    Thank you for such a positive Caringbridge site! Very inspiring!! And, congrats on 2 healthy toddlers now. Plus another baby boy. Hearts & prayers to all of you.

  • Jean Lee

    I’m so happy for you & what a beautiful & loving family. I’m sure that your children bring you much happiness. Thank you for sharing your story.
    I’m was very happy to learn about the CaringBridge after my bother-in-law had a life threatening incident that put him in icu for 3 weeks and his daughter posted updates on his conditions which eased our worries. He is rehabbing now and his progress is very positive.

  • Scottie Roland

    God Bless your children! May God Bless your family! Thanks for sharing your update.

  • Elaine

    Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing Katie and all the best to your family.

  • Kay Morris

    Thanks for including me in your update. You have a beautiful family.

  • Rhonda Dufrene

    Katie and Ben,

    In 1991 I gave birth to twin boys at 25 weeks and 5 days. Cal gained his wings after 3 days. He weighed 2 lbs 6 ozs. Oscar weighed 2 lbs 2 ozs. Oscar stayed 15 weeks in the hospital. Today he is a very healthy 27 year old man. You do forget, but when it happens to someone else, yes the memories come flooding back. What was a nightmare turned into a miracle. Although I did lose one of my babies I am so thankful and blessed that I still have Oscar. I was never able to have more children. I got pregnant after 8 years of seeing fertility specialist. I love hearing other success stories. Thanks for sharing your story.

    Rhonda Dufrene Golden Meadow, Louisiana

  • Sharyn

    Thank you so much for sharing this update, with photos!

  • Bonita Eitel

    Katie and Ben ,
    What was wonderful story with a happy ending ! Your twins and their baby brother are adorable.

  • Virginia

    God has plans for all three of your miracles!

  • Anne LaRue

    Beautiful family. I’m so happy for you.

  • Vyona jJerrow

    Thank you for sharing with me. A beautiful story and a beautiful family. You are so blessed.

  • Vyona jJerrow

    What a beautiful story and beautiful family, thank you so much for sharing with me..
    May God bless and protect you all.

  • Stan McLaughlin

    Good read. Tell site has helped to coordinate meals and help from our friends and neighbors. Our dsughter-in-law, Liz, has set it up for us and organized and updated Caring Bridge the whole way.
    I definitely recommend this site for families in need!

  • Margaret Lambert

    God bless you on the good health of your twins they are precious I too have twins in my family my Goddaughters whom I love so much God Bless you and your precious family

  • Delores Nelson

    A wonderful story. I don’t know you but I know many in Moorhead so I will ask if they know you. Good luck with your family. They are darling children and am sure keep you busy and on your toes.. God bless you all. Dee Nelson

  • Valerie Dec

    awww.. such a happy family. So glad to hear everyone is happy and healthy. Although I wasn’t on Caring Bridge when you first posted, it’s nice to see a happy story. Those smiles say it all! : )

  • Lyn Blinkhorn

    Praise God for all your precious blessings. What beautiful babies! What a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • John DiNuovo

    I am so happy for you and your family.
    We had a similar situation with our grandchildren, Billy and Brook. Born early and in the NICU.
    I am so glad for your outcome. We have the same with the twins doing great at 6 and a younger brother Brody 4.
    We were introduced to Caring Bridge when our daughter (the twins mother) ran the Boston Marathon for the Liver Foundation and a little girl with a life threatening disease named Lily. Lily was 19 months old and needed a liver transplant to survive. She received her transplant just before the marathon. Lily is doing great! Ever since then I have loved being connected to Caring Bridge. Good bless you all. Such a great looking family.

  • Larry Swanson

    God bless you and you family. Thank you Lord.

  • Barbe English

    Wow what a beautiful story. You both went through so much but the ending is phenomenal! What a beautiful family you have and now Wyatt as well. Thanks for sharing and you are in my thought and parayers. They always say God dies not give us more then we can hanldle but until you’re in the shoes that are going through it you wonder how will we ever get out of it. Love to you and your family.

  • No

    Your children (all of them) are darling and it is so good to hear good news. You are a blessing to all those who are suffering the same things you did. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michael

    Wow! Beautiful. Credits to you also as parents. Im a Daddy too and I know exactly how difficult it is to love, nurse and care for a dear infant…. those sleepless nights!
    Thanks for sharing your story


  • Joyce Jecen Jecen

    Great to hear from you.
    Your children are beautiful and look so happy.
    Glad everything turned out so well for all of you.
    Enjoy a happy life together!

  • Lori C

    What an adorable little family you have. Congratulations!! So glad to hear that the twins don’t have any major health issues. Take care, and have a great day.

  • Joanne Poole

    I saw ANGELS before me! God bless your lovely family!!

  • Roger Zygmunt

    Yes, my boss had premature triplets. They were in Texas Children’s ICU for 45 days.
    The Lord is with you and is beside your family and will guide the medical staff to get through these challenging times.

  • James Hooks

    Beautiful pictures. God is so good
    We r in Bradenton Fl.
    Love to see you sometime.
    Please keep my wife, Laverne in your prayers.
    We both got hit by a car walking across a crosswalk after ball game.
    I got off easy, leg broken in three places, head lacerations, bleeding on brain, titanium rod in leg from knee to ankle.

    Laverne got worse, been in a coma since Sept 2, 2017. 10 operations, 5 of which were brain including two serious.
    Neurologist state she will never recover. Though I have high respect for Dr.’s they are limited in knowledge, experience and capabilities. Thank God we have a Lord with unlimited capabilities which nothing is impossible with no limits with the exception of our own faith.
    I know you are a man of prayer. I seek your prayers for complete healing.
    God Bless

  • Laura Nylander

    So happy for you guys. May God continue to bless!

  • Laura Nylander

    I am so happy for you and your family! May God continue to bless!