Our Caregiver of the Month – May 2013

Every month, CaringBridge likes to recognize a family or caregiver that exemplifies our mission to amplify love, hope and compassion in the world.

For those who have been a part of any kind of health journey, there is an understanding that it will have ups and downs. Each and every individual has their own way of getting through these moments.

For Beth K., nurse and CaringBridge author, her way of healing was to acknowledge the whole self. We typically associate healing with only the physical, but Beth sought to include mind, body, and spirit. She believed that speaking and volunteering for CaringBridge was a way to address every facet of self. “I amplify because I believe in CaringBridge with my whole self. As a nurse, we believe in holistic healing – that one’s mental, spiritual and emotional healing is just as important as the physical. And that is what CaringBridge makes possible.” Beth was instrumental in many aspects of CaringBridge volunteering. She was foundational in helping define the Amplifier Hub as well as representing CaringBridge at multiple speaking events where she provided both professional and personal insight into the CaringBridge experience.

Beth used her CaringBridge experience to not only to aid in her recovery, but also as a platform to help others through their own health journeys. “I simply want others to know what I know – how impactful those Guestbook entries are to making you feel special and at peace. I may not be able to care for patients physically due to my illness, but I can help them see what CaringBridge has done for me.” We wanted to highlight Beth, especially this month, as she recently passed away. We want to remember and honor her for the amazing actions she took and the voice she provided for CaringBridge. Thank you, Beth—we will always remember your loving spirit, your hopeful encouragement and your compassionate heart.

What Heals You?

Do you practice holistic healing? What types of actions empower your complete healing? Please share your experiences, ideas and thoughts in our comment section below.

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