Life With Grace: A Reference Guide for Parents of Premature Babies

Grace Schwertfeger of Mankato, MN, arrived in the world in October 2004, much sooner than expected. Born at 24 weeks, Grace was a micro-preemie. She spent her first 9 months in the hospital, during which she endured seven life-saving surgeries, followed by 9 more months of in-home nursing care.

Today, Grace is a junior-high student, whose life is not defined by the developmental and cognitive delays associated with her premature birth. As her mom, Jennifer said, “Grace is a true miracle.”

Through “Life With Grace,” based on the experience of the Schwertfeger Family, and the prayers and support that came through Grace’s CaringBridge site, Jennifer wants families of preemies to know that they are not alone. She said, “I hope that everyone who reads our story will walk away knowing that we are in charge of how we handle all that we are given. Even when going through tough times.”

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