Meet the Kim Family

After a routine pregnancy, Lindsay Kim encountered unexpected labor complications and needed an emergency C-section in order to save her baby Hazel’s life.

Unfortunately, Hazel was deprived of oxygen for an undetermined amount of time, causing permanent brain damage.

A Dramatic Entrance

Baby Hazel’s arrival continued to unfold dramatically, including the practice of chill therapy as her new parents anxiously awaited signs of brain activity. Incredibly, Hazel responded and began her crawl out of shaky beginnings toward an optimistic future.

As the Kims celebrated each piece of good news and grieved each bump backward from the labor complications, their family and friends gathered at their CaringBridge website—from Cambodia to South Africa to their more literal neighbors—offering hope, support and the practical help families need when they are attending to the intense health concerns of a loved one: yardwork, meals and even the creation and distribution of rubber bracelets to show their solidarity as Hazel fought for her life.

Through stints in the ICU, the Ronald McDonald house, visits with doctors and specialists, and days that turned into long, late nights holding their growing baby, Interna and Lindsay Kim documented their journey.

Staying Present

“It was nice to be able to ignore my phone and be present in the moment with Lindsay and Hazel,” Interna says.

Like any new family, they were anxious to begin building their lives together, and Hazel’s condition could change by the minute at first.

“At some point during the day, I would update CaringBridge, and everyone knew that from the email notifications,” he says. “I could be at peace not feeling like I needed to update and also didn’t have to worry that I was leaving anyone out. And it was so nice at the end of the day when the dust had settled to see the comments and hearts. It was so encouraging and just what we needed.”

And as the Kims started to space out their updates—as Hazel became more stable, then was released from 24/7 medical care to finally come home as a family—their CaringBridge followers asked them to keep the site alive so they could continue to follow Hazel’s beautiful face, powerful spirit and incredible story.

Because, wonderfully, despite all the labor complications, Hazel’s story is really just beginning to unfold, at 17 months. Her therapies continue indefinitely. And her parents continue to update her site, chapter by chapter. Because like a living, breathing baby book, they are chronicling all her milestones and moving toward a bright future, together.

Here When You Need It

Are you or a loved one caring for someone on a health journey? If so, start a CaringBridge website, where you can share updates and receive encouragement and support from your community.

  • Angela Phillips

    Four plus years ago my niece delivered her fourth baby. This baby boy was born with no functional kidneys. After months in the hospital she took him home on peritoneal dialysis. She is a wonderful mother and loves The Lord with all her heart. She and family prayed and turned the baby’s health over to the Master Healer. She took him to monthly the hospital, where she was always told that the doctors couldn’t believe how well he was doing, but continued to tell her that a kidney transplant was his only hope. As he approached his fourth birthday, with labs showing healthy function, the decision was made to try no dialysis one day amonth, then one day a week and so on. My beautiful little great nephew is strong healthy and healed by the Grace of God! No more dialysis!!! Hope this story of faith and countless prayers will help others with sick children. God does provide healing.

  • Syed Shakiruddin


  • Olivia Newton

    Sorry to hear about Hazel’s lack of Oxygen in the Womb of her Mommy. I can’t donate due to lack of funds. But I know: God will Provide and will not leave them empty in Despair. These days will be tough for them as Hazel gets older. I have met several families in my years of being a Special Needs School bus driver and seeing their complications with their kids. My prayers will be with you. May God Bless you in all you do.

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  • Al

    Thsnk you for sharing!

  • Jenny

    Beautiful story – thanks for sharing! God Bless Hazel and her family!

  • Jacqueline G Leistikow

    Hazel is a beautiful baby girl, who has been a true miracle. Although there are setbacks, I know God is watching over her and will keep here safe. I will certainly keep her in my prayers! Hope to see more pictures of this sweet little girl.

  • Darlene Mahoney

    Beautiful family hope things get better for u and that beautiful girl of yours I will keep you all in my prays God bless you all.

  • Pat

    Praise God for baby Hazel and her wonderful family. God is good and will walk this journey with you each step of the way. Just let Him lead. Prayers abounding for all of you. Hazel is a beautiful baby girl!

  • Brenda

    Hazel, you are a living miracle. Thanks for sharing her story, I know God has so much more to unfold in her precious life! Prayers are with all of you.

  • Brenda

    Hazel, you are a living miracle. Thanks for sharing her story, I know God has so much more to unfold in her precious life!

  • Mary

    After reading these comments of love to baby Hazel, I know that Our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, is right there with her. He will enable Hazel to soar like an eagle. Praying that, through His strength & guidance, Hazel will live her life in a mightly & fruitful way! Plz keep us updated on how Baby Hazel is doing.

  • Sharon Franklin

    Sending prayers for baby Hazel.

  • Lisa

    I will keep Baby Hazel and your family in my prayers. God is bigger than anything and can do supernatural miracles remember when prayers go up His power comes down!
    She is so beautiful!

  • Tammy

    Great story…encouraging as we have many friends and families struggling. Thank you for sharing and praying for continued blessings and health for Hazel and continued strength, wisdom and encouragement for Interna and Lindsay.

  • Sandy

    Praying for this sweet little girl.

  • Barb

    Praying for your baby-

  • Joanne

    Beautiful little girl. May God Bless your family and continue to heal Hazel.

  • Valerie

    Sending thoughts and prayers your way from Hecla SD

  • DPNish

    I get these feeds from Caring Bridge from time to time but I often don’t read them, tonight I felt compelled, prior to seeing this post I meditated and repeated in my mind Life is Good , Life is Challenging, I am Blessed. After reading about Baby Hazel’s story it was affirmed Life is Good & Challenging & I am Blessed! Thank you for sharing your story l, you and all the families I work with humble and inspire me everyday. In honor of children facing adversity I will donate & share the mission of Caring Bridge!

  • Ann Forney

    Prayers going out to your little beauty Hazel and you and your lovely wife. May you always be Blessed with more and more great developments as your precious beauty grows into a healthy, happy adult young woman in your care. May God Bless you and keep you in His loving arms forever. Amen

  • Karen Sieg

    Will be praying for your family. I have 2 nephews with downs. they also lost a sister to downs 17 days after birth. the nephews are 21 and 19. they both live with their parents. these people also have two normal children 25 and 17. God be with you and keep you in His care.

  • Pam

    You are a blessed miracle! Peace and love to you all.



  • Sherrie Groth

    Sorry to hear about Hazel’s lack of Oxygen in the Womb of her Mommy. I can’t donate due to lack of funds. But I know: God will Provide and will not leave them empty in Despair. These days will be tough for them as Hazel gets older. I have met several families in my years of being a Special Needs School bus driver and seeing their complications with their kids. My prayers will be with you. May God Bless you in all you do.

  • Tami Horden

    Will keep sweet baby Hazel in my prayers. I know that God is with her and your family. Praying for strength, comfort and complete healing.

  • Elizabeth Back

    Gorgeous child, you are so loved. First by God, then your family, & then by your Caringbridge family.
    Baby Hazel is not only adorable she is so BLESSED to have the parents she has. They were chosen for her by God & He knows how capable & loving they are.
    Wonderful story & beautiful people.
    Please continue to update us.

  • Donna Gates

    Much love, thoughts, and prayers….thank you for sharing!

  • Bishop Barbara Eason

    Prayers are with u out on this journey. Hazel is beautiful and was given to beautiful special parents.

  • Pastor Annabel Mantz

    Father God I thank You for completing the healing in baby Hazel in Jesus mighty name, thank You Lord, Amen…

  • Elaine Snyder

    Will be praying daily for your beautiful baby Hazel. She is truly a miracle baby,

  • Elaine Snyder

    Will be praying daily for sweet Hazel. What a beautiful baby. What a truly miracle baby.

  • Pamela

    That should have said “prolonged labor”

  • Pamela

    Just wanted to say that my daughter had oxygen deprivation at birth die to meconium and prolific fed labor before a c-section. We were told she would never walk or talk; guess what she is!! She is independent, works and is very involved in Special Olympics. If possible, get Hazel into music therapy and a classroom setting. It did wonders for our daughter who is now 33! We are blessed that our son (teacher) and his wife (social worker) came to us saying they would be her caregiver when we can no longer handle it. God bless you and be with you all!! Hang in there and keep the faith!

  • Albert B. Baca

    I enjoyed reading the article about baby Hazel. Why? I am old and my wife is gone. For many years, we were the team grandparents for our town’s Special Olympics team. We did what two old people could do to help the Special Olympics coaches who are all volunteers.
    Next time there is a Special Olympics event in your town, please go. It is so inspiring to see the Special Olympics athletes give it their all.
    There is a young lady on our town’s team who had the same birthing problems as baby Hazel, only worse. She is now in her twenties and her parents are starting to age. Soon they will not be able to care for her. What will happen to her? She has an older brother. Is it fair to him to have to care for his sister for the rest of his life?
    I ask why in a country as rich and diverse as ours, why can’t campuses be built to take care of the developmentally disabled? There are two excellent examples in the Chicago area, Lambs Farm and Misericordia. Misericordia is run by the Sisters of Mercy. (Misericordia is Spanish for Mercy.) The Lambs is secular. Both are excellent organizations and both have long waiting lists of people waiting to live there.

  • Rosemary Fields

    God can do anything but fail. Praying for baby Hazel. Please keep us informed of her progress. God has a plan for her life. We are anxious to see all the things He has in store for her precious life. God bless as you all as you lean on the Great Physician and comforter, Jesus Christ!

  • Harold Knolls

    I know God loves baby Hazel and has caressing her in His arms. We will pray for her everyday. Please keep us updated on her progress.

  • Grandpa and Grandma

    Hazel you are the joy of our lives and you fill our hearts with so much gladness. Your life has had many struggles since your first day but the love of family and many friends have helped to make the journey a bit easier. You are the most wonderful gift from God and we treasure every moment we have with you. (including FaceTime!)

  • Lori

    Seriously in tears right now…… beautiful that Hazel is reaching beyond those of us who prayed and followed her from the very first moment. Hazel, you will continue to amaze us with each passing milestone; you are a true miracle. <3 much love to you and your amazing family.