Meet the Match: Give the Gift that Helps CaringBridge Thrive

Give the Best Gift by Helping Us Meet Our Match

When you work at CaringBridge, it really provides perspective on a daily basis: Gratitude for what we have, gratitude for what we can provide to others, a group of people who understand that life is not always easy, but there are things we can do to ease the struggle.

So while we’re not unwrapping literal gifts on our 19th anniversary, we still feel a little thrill and count how lucky we are to have our CaringBridge families, and people like you, who believe in what CaringBridge does. Can you think of a better feeling than knowing you are making a difference in people’s lives? That something you work on is supported by two billion visits of love and kindness? We get to open that gift every day when we sit down at our desks to do our jobs.

The Biggest Gift: The Match Gift You Make

But the biggest gift is one you make: a donation to support us so that we may support every person who needs a place to share their story and receive love and support.

We have another generous anonymous donor who wanted in on our anniversary celebration. So when you donate anytime between now and midnight June 15, our donor will MATCH your donation, up to $10,000. That is one HUGE anniversary present—making sure that we can be around to continue supporting people who need it most.

Help Create a Living History

While we know that CaringBridge is not the place where many families think they may find themselves, we are glad to be here when they do. And we are so very, very grateful for what you give to us, so that we may continue to do that important work. You allow families to create a living history, a documentary of their lives’ most intimate moments. You help create peace and healing.

So stop by our donation page, and give what you can—and if it’s by midnight June 15, our donor will kick in a match up to $10,000—and let’s bring cheer for another 19 years.


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G DiBernardo Jul 10, 2016 7:51pm
Correction to previous post as I am feeding my son while typing. Our main organization to donate to that is near and dear to my husband and I is Devoted specifically all funds to research only to find a cure. Hoping donations are sent their as well as care ridge too. It's truly an amazing place like my written journal but share some things to family and friends a tiny part although may seem like a lot in my writing, oh I can surely add more to it!
G DiBernardo Jul 10, 2016 7:46pm
I'm so honored to have donated to caring as well. My main near and dear to our hearts is for our son who lives with Cerebral Palsy Spastic Quadriplegic, but that is words to me on his paperwork as it does nit define who our son has shown us in his eight years here and counting. He's intelligent if you really get to know him. His body is failing him inside so sooner than we thought or the life experts doctors had predicted. Until Luke tells me he is ready to go, we will keep fighting as long as we see him fight with out too much suffering and pain. That's the difficult part of this all. Day by day. Tomorrow is never promised we spend everyday like its his birthday together as s family of four well actually five including our rescue German Shepard, Sandy! Like your two rescues to make a beautiful family of six. Thank you your email today. Brought me a smile as I was reading and although our twin boys have different diagnoses for us, just one of them. I can feel everything you said truly from the heart and agree that caring bridge is a great resource for support, inspiration, sharing our true journeys, spreading awareness and hopefully be able to all make some difference in this world that things can be worse for many out there. God Bless you and your family and thank you again for the sweetest emails from caring bridge. Warmly from our family to yours, Gigi DiBernardo- Luke DiBernardo has is recently added site on here, check it out. Yours is beautiful and quite the journey. You have an amazing beautiful strong family. Your family reminds me of my family in many ways.