Our Family of the Month – June 2013

Our June Family of the Month

Every month, CaringBridge likes to recognize a caregiver or family of the month that exemplifies our mission to amplify love, hope and compassion in the world.

After Ava’s diagnosis with cancer in 2012 and an unexpected and extended stay in the hospital, Jeff and Janell, Ava’s parents, used CaringBridge. Primarily using their site on-the-go, they were able to create instant updates anytime, anywhere notifying their community of any changes with Ava.

“The first three months, while we were displaced in Minneapolis, CaringBridge was our voice to the outside world…we saw only the inside of the hospital, and for me, the highway at night returning to the house I stayed at. The days were so emotional, so draining that we had no other way to communicate…everything we needed was communicated through our CaringBridge Site. It was an emotional outlet for us.”

For Jeff and Janell, it was crucial to be able to communicate to their community Ava’s updates regarding every step of their health journey because of hurtles along the way. CaringBridge provided the comfort of not only sharing information instantly about Ava, but also receiving love and support from everyone. “CaringBridge provided an easy way to communicate with everyone and allow us to see that we are well loved and cared for by many. I knew we would need a way to communicate to a mass of people that didn’t involve emailed communications and could be easily accessible to anyone. CaringBridge provided that for us.”

How Do You Communicate On-The-Go?

Accessibility to a supportive community at a moment’s notice has helped families like Ava’s through the highs and lows of any health journey. How do you use your CaringBridge Site on-the-go? Share with us your moments in our comments section below.

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Laurel Jun 04, 2013 8:51pm
CaringBridge is just as it sounds. There is a lot of caring that bridges the communication gap when a loved one is in need. CaringBridge is an awesome way to stay in touch and feel so loved at the same time.